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7 Magento Extensions to Boost Your Customer Engagement

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Magento has become the favored choice for almost every eCommerce entrepreneur to succeed in this highly competitive business world. The advantages of Magento eCommerce are multifold which, includes extensibility, customization, user-friendliness, speed, scalability, performance, multi-site functionality, tracking facility and cross-selling features. All these features and functionalities support online merchants to obtain their websites accessible, intuitive and conversion-focused.

While considering the various approaches essential for pulling new customers and retaining existing customers, there are several significant criterions, and one of most beneficial among them is Magento Module Integration. Adhering the same, here are 7 Magento Extensions which, greatly help in boosting your eCommerce business and will increase customer engagement

  1. Marketplace Seller Review Magento Extension

The marketplace extension is a program to generate tons of review and gain increase conversion rates. Seller reviews showcase how the customer felt after using the product. All registered customers who had purchased with the seller can send their feedback. The Admin can review the feedback and decide to display them online. This helps in building a brand for the business and also lists the product for quality service in the search result. It intensifies the sale of the product; generates more reviews, and boost ROI.

  1. Out Of Stock Notification

Taking a customer to a stock checkout page without notifying about stock availability may induce losing a potential customer. With the Out of Stock announcement extension, the customers can find the updated stock details and can ask for a notification when the products become available. All stock replenishment emails are sent automatically to the supported customers. The admin got the facility to handle the notifications, notify the customer to checkout once the product is ready, and manage the status of the notifications.

  1. SMS Notification Extension

The immeasurable communication tool is SMS notification, which allows the merchants to send the relevant information or order updates to the customers. The customers obtain updates on their orders – placed, shipment, invoice, and cancellation; accounts – successful registration, demand for forgotten password, newsletter subscription, editing account information and un-subscription; product review, coupon generation, review and tag approval and stock and out of stock products.

With this important SMS notification Magento Extension, a merchant sees a chance to take the customer experience to the subsequent level. The extension serves as a quicker response tool. Administrators can observe the log of all SMS’s, can set the limit of characters used in the messages, and specify the sender name. It supports the merchants for customer engagement by conveying them promotional messages or offers on products.

  1. Secure Payment Service

A secure payment gateway is a necessity for every Magento store. With various 7 Magento Extensions accessible in the market, Secure Payment Modules by Module Bazaar Payeezy is one of its classifications that allow the payment through First Data Global Gateway e4. This secure payment gateway is intended to accept all credit cards, validates them, and forwards the information to the First Data Global Gateway e4 for faster processing.

Magento Payeezy First Data Global Gateway E4 Hosted Solution is the most reliable payment extension that seizes only authorized payments and recommended by the experts. It is extremely flexible and scalable solution granted to the Merchants to offer secure transaction to the customers. This is designed by the extremely experienced professionals to execute the best solution for the business. This 7 Magento Extensions does not store any confidential information on the customer’s card and guarantees the transaction is encrypted to render supreme security.

  1. Shortlist Extension

In today’s online shopping, customer experience is a farthest important factor to be estimated by the merchants. While few customers see and purchase a product instantly, there are others who shortlist, compares and then obtain the desired product. To make shopping hassle-free for such customers, there are several extensions that you can use to let the customers buy more products with ease and gain satisfaction.

This Magento extensions allows comparing an unlimited number of products where they can view the product details easily. The installation is easy with the friendly interface.

  1. Reward Points & Loyalty Program

The concept of offering rewards points by physical store has undergone vast change, and now online merchants can easily offer rewards point to their regular customers through the Magento Reward point extension that is integrated with your Magento store. With the introduction of loyalty program online, the e-commerce merchants can give a loyalty card or a receipt to their customers when they sign up for a rewards points program. Customers who are engaged in signing up for the rewards points programs are required to just enter the appropriate information in the merchant’s e-commerce site. Whenever a customer connects a rewards program, then he will obtain a special code, and he will have immediate access to the loyalty card by scanning the code.

Members of the loyalty rewards list automatically start to receive vouchers on special occasions such as a birthday or get welcome vouchers that facilitate customers to redeem them for merchandise or use for getting discounts later on. Another specialty of a loyalty program is that those who apply the loyalty vouchers will be encouraged to share it with their group or family and this will further encourage the merchants to expand their business to more people and support enhance their sales.

  1. RMA (Returns Management)

Return management add-on allows the marketplace customers to return the products purchased from a marketplace seller. Here products can be refunded once the seller dispatches it. Here the customer can also add a reason for the return. Once the seller recommends the customer’s return request, admin gives the exchange coupons or else returns the money. Here the coupon code can be applied by the customer to purchase another product on the site. Automatic emails will be posted on return status.

The module facilitates the below-listed features:

    • Allows Customers to Return the products purchased Products can be returned only after seller dispatches it
    • Easy to manage Seller Panel to handle returns
    • Admin assigns exchange coupons or refunds the money upon Seller approval
    • The coupon code can be utilized by customer to purchase another product on the site
    • Automatic emails on the return status
    • Helps Admin to retain the customer
    • Allows partial refund.

7 Magento Extensions are a form to reduce the efforts in keeping the online store and doing shopping. It produces a benefit to both merchants and customers, which mean the former, can receive good ROI, whereas the later can get good products at an impressive price. Merchants with Magento platform who require outperforming in the competitive world can view for the Magento 2.0 Extensions.

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