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WP Woo Commerce Firstdata GGe4 API Payment Module

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Before choosing the payment gateway for your newly build an online store. You need to think about which one is the most secured payment gateway for processing the customer credit card information. Online shoppers are not aware about the payment gateways integrated on any of the shopping carts. Customers should highly focus on checking if the payment gateway is PCI Compliance, supports multiple payment methods for processing payments. Multiple payment methods include processing of credit and debit cards. Firstdata GGe4 API Payment is one of the most secured payment gateway integrated in most of the shopping carts. One of the salient feature of this payment gateway is it allows customers to checkout at the shopping page without the need of redirection. Woo Commerce is one of the open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WordPress is one of the famous blogging tool used by a huge number of bloggers worldwide.

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Woo Commerce Firstdata GGe4 WP Moduleprovides a seamless checkout for your customers without the need of redirection. It can be installed on any WordPress Version 3.6.1. Customers search to shop on websites which gives them a secured feeling of shopping experience. This module makes use of Firstdata GGe4 API Payment gateway for processing of payments. As soon as the customer clicks on checkout, enters the credit card information, customer credit card information is processed using Firstdata GGe4 API Payment Gateway. Using this Web Service API, your customers can experience a seamless and secured checkout. For integrating this module into your shopping cart merchants should possess merchant account and SSL certificate for securing the credit card information of the customer. Firstdata is PCI Compliance and all the customer credit card transactions is stored in the Firstdata Server.

An Admin panel of WP API Payment Modulprovides the facility for the online store owners to select the transaction method as Sale or Authorize Only. Payment methods supported by this module are direct bank transfer, cheque payment, PayPal and Firstdata GGe4. Customers can select any one of the payment options to make payment for the purchased products. If the customer clicks on Firstdata GGe4 API Payment method, customer need to enter the information as Credit Card Holder, Card Number, Expiration Date, Card Type and CVC(Verification Code). Admin panel will provide the back-end access for the merchants to view the customer transaction and to configure the transaction methods as applicable.

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