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Exclusive Module to make your Store More Attractive – WordPress Video And Image Slider

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WordPress is a popular platform which has evolved since years. There are many reasons for using the platform to create a blog, web application or a mobile application. Out of the several reasons is a flexible platform that has grown since years.  Major brands, small businesses, and individuals, everyone prefers using this platform for their requirements. While WordPress being a free and open-source platform available with many features, WordPress Plugins adds improved functionality to serve the business purpose. One such kind is a WordPress Video and Image Slider plugin designed by Module Bazaar to make your online store more interactive than before.

WordPress is a one of a kind of platform given freedom to the users to design their website featured with advanced facilities for their customers. Several eCommerce stores have been set up by incorporating the WordPress platform and integration plugins to make it more functional. With the WordPress Image and Video Slider, the website gets completed. The sliders are designed in a way to be compatible with the WordPress platform. The sliders contain product videos and images and move automatically until stop/start button is pressed.

The WordPress Plugin is a great way to add images and videos to create image sliders, video sliders or both image and video sliders. It supports images and MP4 videos etc. The sliders are designed by the experienced professional remembering offering its usage on all major platforms and browsers.  It includes support to the platforms like desktop, mobile, and tablet and browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Multiple blocks are given to position the images and videos. Moreover, the user can easily anytime modify the existing images and videos accordingly to as and when required.

Features –

Simple Editing

This WordPress Image Slider plugin is simple to use which offers editing options. It is easier to customize the slider and can be incorporated in the website. Anytime, you can edit the plugin and use according to the requirements. Without any coding or complex functionality, a user can do the necessary changes and make their website interesting.


The website is a front face of your brand. Customization is a way to present it according to the way it represents the brand’s image precisely. To facilitate the users design their website as they wanted, this WordPress Video and Image Slider allows displaying image as you wanted. Several features like image, videos, transition and others can be managed easily.

Multiple Sliders in One Webpage

Customers always look for several options before selecting any one. With the multiple sliders options, users can display multiple products on the same page or multiple variations or profiles of the product at the same time. This makes easier for the customer to buy a right product.

Fully Responsive

Responsive is a major functionality which eases the access of the website to the users. This plugin is flexible to be used wisely in all different screen sizes.

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Customer Support

The Module Bazaar ensures that the customers do not face any hard time with the installation and usage of the plugins. Therefore, technical support is provided to them whenever required.

The slider plugin is the best option to demonstrate the image and videos to make your website more appealing to the visitor. With multiple options, customers gain personalized experience and understand a product better. This helps in making a purchase. The Slider extension easily met customers’ demands in a superb way.

The slider can be a great way of not only displaying products effectively but also given an intuitive functionality to the website. Arrange the products easily with the simple drag and drop function. The images and videos are added, deleted, and managed from the back-office. Support is extended for translation in different languages. Once installed, you can start uploading images and videos and make configurations accordingly to attract customers.

WordPress Video and Image Slider is an intuitive plugin to meet the business objectives. It has every feature to meet your expectation. With the facility of adding images and video, you can also customize it according to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to install this extension and experience the great functionalities available. It is the best way to display your online store and gain customers attention. With its user-friendly interface, it has become easy to customize it and add images and banners. The installation process is a matter of few minutes and you are good to go. Make your store attractive with this plugin and demonstrate the products variation online. The more customer gain confidence in the product, more likely they would buy it.

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