What is Dropshipping on Prestashop?

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The online space is expanding explosively with retailers having to literally hunt for newer options to differentiate their business from their competitors. Retailers are expected to deliver the best of customer service, products, on-time delivery, options for their customers to choose from and timely rewards to make their customer base happy. With their plates always full, online business owners have tried to explore and sneak through few of their online business processes through drop shipping. This term may leave you wondering about its utility. Read on to know more…

Dropshipping on Prestashop:

With online owners having set their store on a competent open source platform like Prestashop, their search for better strategies to ease processes does not come to an end. Drop shipping is the result of one such discovery. As the term refers to it helps in skipping the shipping part of the online purchase process for retailers. How?

Now you are a retailer owning an online store on Prestashop. When you associate your store with a drop shipper as the wholesaler is called, he takes charge of the delivery and material stocking part of the order. What you do is simply receive orders on your Prestashop online store and pass it on to the drop shipper. It is his responsibility to deliver stock on time to the customer. To cut it short, a drop shipper is an intermediate between your customer and you.

Why should I depend on a drop shipper?

  • All online retailers do not come with the financial stability and space for warehouse management. In such cases of online start-ups, a drop shipper could mean a lot for the retailer to kickstart and deliver orders.
  • Inventory control, stock management is not a child’s play. Every online business owner would have experienced a nightmare in doing it. With drop shipping modules on Prestashop, retailers are saved from this tedious process.
  • A proactive supply and logistics management is a prerequisite for any online business. Delivering the needs of customers on time greatly contributes towards building the online image of any retailer. With drop shipping, business owners can omit this aspect of their business and rest assured that things are being taken care of.
  • Integrating drop shipping modules with your Prestashop online store means you are saving the expenditure which goes into the labor and maintenance of a full-fledged warehouse.

Where do I get these modules from?

Prestashop offers a range of dropshipping modules you could choose from based on your specific requirements.

They include:

  • The drop shipping supplier and shipper email module

This module allows you as a retailer to automate processes. It automatically sends emails regarding the orders placed to the concerned shippers and suppliers.

  • Drop shipping wizard module:

This module helps to serve customers demand for products from different suppliers. This module takes care of collecting the required products and sending it to the customer.

Customer reference on order module:

This module takes charge of tracking the orders and status of orders which have been placed.

  • CSV / TXT / XML import / Drop shipping Module

This module will help you import and update the status of products and processes which are available on a timely basis. It also enables you to schedule critical tasks.

Prestashop has been surprising you all with its capabilities. Is that all? No, there is more to it!

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