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Never Lose A Customer! Never Lose A Sale! Try Abandon Cart Email Notification Extension

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It’s 2019, and cart abandonment continues to be a major issue for e-commerce stores. Some studies suggest that the cart abandonment rate is as high as 80 percent. Others place it at 55 percent. In either case, it’s safe to suggest that dealing with abandoned shopping carts has been an uphill battle for online businesses, and it’s likely to continue that way. You can revamp your website, revise your follow-up procedures, or modify your products and services. However, most of these plans deliver results in the long-term. Is there anything you can do right now? The answer is yes. You can install an Abandoned Cart Email extension onto your website. Let’s take a look at how this works:

One-Step Cart Recovery and Coupons 

Installing an extension such as the Magento 2 Abandoned Email Cart Extension can help you send emails to all your customers that have left their shopping carts. These emails can redirect your customer to return to your store and complete their purchase. You can also use these extensions to add coupons to the emails. These can be personalized, and you can send special offers and discount codes to prospects and customers to enhance brand loyalty. 

Studies suggest that abandoned cart emails can increase your conversion rate by 18.64%. That’s a significant addition to your existing customer base.

Integrated With Google Analytics

Using an extension for managing abandoned cart emails is great. However, combining this extension with Google Analytics is even better. Ecommerce store owners can use this feature to track the links used by shoppers to recover their shopping cart. Identifying the source of successful recovery can help them optimize the use of the Magento 2 Abandoned Email Cart Extension and amplify its benefits. 

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Get Access to Performance Reports and Logs 

Setting benchmarks and following up through reports and email logs can further optimize the performance of your e-commerce store. You can analyze factors such as:

  • The rate of shopping cart abandonment
  • The total number of abandoned cart emails sent 
  • The error frequency (delivering emails to the wrong recipients) 
  • The conversion rate after sending the email
  • The behavior of online shoppers (identifying point of shopping cart abandonment)

Get Creative 

If you are looking to increase your conversion rate by emailing prospects and customers over abandoned carts, then rest assured, monotony is not your friend. You need to get a little creative with the template and content of your emails. Personalization is very important too. Your email template needs to you have: 

  • A catchy subject line 
  • Content that has been optimized according to the customer 
  • Great images 

To Sum It Up 

Sending an abandoned cart email is a quick solution to increasing your conversion rate and boosting the profitability of your online store. It is also less costly than other options. If you are looking to use an extension to speed up the process, then we suggest you try out the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension. It can help resolve your abandoned cart issues to a large extent and help you provide a better shopping experience to your customers. 

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