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The 4 Pillars Of Magento And The Transition From Magento 1.9 To Magento 2.0

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Magento is an online open source e-commerce platform that gives each and every commercially-oriented individual the chance to promote and sell their products comfortably. With Magento Marketplace, merchants from across the world converge in one place and integrate with potential clients globally, thanks to this highly developed cloud-based digital platform.

Magento pillars are the driving force behind the ultimate success of the platform. The following are four of the strongest pillars that hold Magento together.


Magento merchants happen to be the main driving force behind Magento. If it weren’t for these merchants, Magento wouldn’t be in its current position. These merchants act as a bridge between potential buyers, and potential sellers. They also function by finding new clients for potential buyers and vice-versa.


Another force behind the success of Magento is the presence of agencies. These agencies function by promoting the online platform to various e-commerce individuals who still don’t know what Magento entails. Currently, we have over 700 Magento agencies worldwide.


It’s no secret that the success of Magento has been driven forward by the presence of advanced technology. We can comfortably associate this with the development of Magento 2.0, which comes equipped with a set of the latest technological features.

Extension Providers

Whether employed by the company or not, we have a number of technicians who specialize in offering Magento marketplace extension to both new and old clients. These Magento extension play a very significant role in the overall performance of the online e-commerce platform.

Magento 1.9 Advantages

-Magento 1.9 uses the same principles behind Responsive Web Design.
-With Magento 1.9, you can easily use your phone or tablet to maneuver the website.
-The cross-border trade capabilities gives you the opportunity to interact with clients globally.
-With Magento 1.9, you stand the chance of gaining up to 18% of your overall sales
-You can easily save changes to a category that houses more than 1,000 different products.
-You can choose between the high numbers of Magento extensions available.


-Investing in Magento can be quite challenging due to the amount of money needed to start and keep the program running.
-It comes with a sophisticated interface.Â
-Customer support will be disconnected in three years’ time.
-It uses an older version of technology which slows down the overall performance.
-You are not guaranteed any form of Magento extension upgrade.

Constant security breaches and a slow response were some of the reasons why Magento decided to replace the 1.9 version with the 2.0. The new version of Magento offers you custom Magento development which simply means that you can easily customize your interface to fit your own preferences.

The new 2.0 Magento Version is more advanced and easy to use than its predecessor. The following are some of the key advantages of this newer version.
-It comes with a faster code which directly correlates to a faster and improved general performance.
-It comes with a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use ad maneuver around.
-It comes with a more advanced web technology.
-You can easily customize the platform to suit your own preferences.
-When installing the program, you can turn off notifications to speed up the installation process.


The four pillars of Magento have no doubt played a significant role in the overall Magento development process. With advanced technology, the Magento development process took a new turn with the launch of Magento version 2.0. Unlike the previous version, this new Magento development gives you the opportunity to customize your platform easily and use it as you please. With the new version in place, you are guaranteed a Custom Magento Development, which brings all your favorite features together.

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