Hot deals this Thanksgiving2018 for gadget lovers

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Like every year, November is about to bring the best Thanksgiving deals for all the gadget lovers for Thanksgiving shopping. This year all our favorite store will drop prices to all-time low than ever before. This is due to the three day shopping days- Thanksgiving2018, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Shopping on these special days can be overwhelming if you don’t where to go. So to save you from all this trouble we have come up with the perfect summary to give our avid blog readers all the details of the best Thanksgiving deal in a nutshell. Some of our picks are deals from UK online this holiday season – hope they come in handy for your shopping aspirations.

Shop from Walmart for Thanksgiving2018 for Apple 9.7” iPad:

This year the giant retailers are exceeding our expectations of attaining the best Thanksgiving deals. Walmart is offering this model of 9.7” only for $249. Apple deals are quite rare. So taking this offer is worth grabbing.

Target is also offering a great deal for Thanksgiving shopping. They are willing to sell Apple 9.7” iPad with 32GB only for $249.99. You will find the same offer on this product at Jet.com and Costco.

Do your Thanksgiving shopping at Best Buy for Apple 10.5” iPad:

This year Best Buy is offering $150 off their 10.5” iPad Pro. Although many predicted the sale would drop the price even lower, this is still a decent option as a Thanksgiving deal and worthy of every penny spent on it.

Apple iPhone XS + $300 Walmart Gift Card at Walmart:

iPhone XS is the latest tech in the industry. So it’s still a bit overpriced. But the retailer is offering a $300 gift card to make it a bit easier to buy. So far, this is the best thanksgiving deal we overviewed for the newest iPhones. It’s only valid for in-store and with qualified activation.

Amazon new Kindle Paperwhite for £89.99 at Amazon:

This year for Thanksgiving deal, Amazon is taking £30 off on every purchase of Amazon all-new Kindle Paperwhite of waterproof e-reader. It’s a very recent product launched only a few weeks back. So it’s a great win for e-readers.  

Apple iPad mini 4 starting from $249.99:

For this year’s Thanksgiving deals, Target is offering Apple iPad mini of the fourth generation starting from $249.99.

Even though we thought that Apple would add a refresh to this fourth-generation mini iPad but our expectation won’t be fulfilled this year. Apple mini iPad generation 4 for $249.99 is still a win even though we thought the price would be at least $25 lower than this.

Get £99.96 off on Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones:

This is a great offer for all shoppers for Thanksgiving2018. Amazon is willing to offer the Beats new Wireless Headphones for only £149.99. This is an eye-catching offer so far for any Beats Headphones Thanksgiving deal. This will take at least £100 off of this product than the current price.

Walmart’s Thanksgiving2018 deal for Apple is iPhone 8:  

Walmart is offering last year’s Apple iPhone 8 with $400 gift card. Although Walmart isn’t the only retailer in town to offer such a luscious deal, it’s still a bargain. So far this thanksgiving deal is one of the best in town.

But there are some terms and conditions you have to follow. It’s available for in-store only and you will also have to provide qualified activation.

Drive to the nearest Target store for your Apple Thanksgiving shopping:

Very recently Apple released their Apple watch series 4 this year. So as we all thought we are bound to get some discounts on the previous series this Thanksgiving. So Target came up with this brilliant offer of Apple watch series 3 starting from $199.99.

The generous offer introduced by Target exceeds our expectation of only getting the Thanksgiving deal in the form of sitewide coupons. So far the still-recent Apple watch of the third series only from $199.99 in Target is worth to check out as no other retailers are offering such Thanksgiving deals.

Macy’s only offering to take $80 off on the purchase of this previous series for the Thanksgiving 2018.  

Target is not offering only one Thanksgiving deal for Apple watch series 3. They are also offering this series with GPS and cellular starting from only $299.99. For Thanksgiving shopping, this is the best offer so far.  With this Thanksgiving deal, you can get the cellular-equipped Apple watch series 3 with GPS at least $80 less than the current value.

Get Hive Acting Heating 2 only for £148.99:

Gadget lovers are not always looking for new deals on iPhone or iPad. They also want great deals for a good smart heating system. According to a few review sites, Hive Acting Heating 2 scores at least 4.5 out of 5. So getting £100 off on this product is a solid win.

Thanksgiving deals for Apple Homepod at Best Buy:

Not everyone is offering any deals for Apple Homepod this Thanksgiving. We are only getting this deal at the Best Buy for $249.99. This beats all our expectation. Many of us only predicted it to drop up to $300. But our expectation exceeds for Thanksgiving 2018.

For every Homepod lover who has been eyeing a deal for Apple Homepod, they shouldn’t lose this chance and get their hands on this amazing Apple product.

For Thanksgiving shopping drive to Newegg for Apple Airpods:

Comparing with other deals for Thanksgiving 2018, Newegg deal of $139.99 for Apple Airpods may seem very little. But so far we have only seen two deals regarding Apple Airpods. So it’s the best offer you can get your hands on.

Get $250 off for Apple MacBook Pro Laptops:

For this Thanksgiving get at least $250 off on every Apple MacBook Pro Laptops at the Best Buy. This may vary depending on the eligible model. This year we only predicted to get the Thanksgiving deal starting from $1,149. But the deal beats our expectation. The deal offers to start the price only from $1,049 at Best Buy depending on the model. So you can get at least $100 less than the current price.  So if you have been eyeing an Apple MacBook Pro Laptop then don’t skip this deal.

Shop Apple MacBook Air core i5 at Best Buy:

Any deal for Apple MacBook Air core i5 is very rare. So getting this 13.3” Laptop for $799.99 is the best offer you can get. The offer is only available at Best Buy.

This year Apple released their new product in MacBook Air line. So we were expecting the price to drop as low as $745. But as the Best Buy is the only retail that is offering any deal for Apple MacBook Air core i5, this is still a great deal to check out.

Get Apple TV 4K for $179.99:

This Apple TV deal is probably the most disappointing Thanksgiving deal so far. It’s also at least %0.99 cents higher than what Apple is charging. But the only benefit you can get from this deal is that they will deliver the product sooner than Apple for this Thanksgiving 2018. If you waiting for a 32GB streaming media player 4K Apple TV to watch the Thanksgiving programs with your family then this is the best deal at hand.

We have worked our best to handpick the hot gadget deals covering the US and UK market. Some retailers have already started offering Thanksgiving deals. As we are approaching the three special shopping days, we will only get bigger and better deals each day. So look out for all the major site like Amazon or retailers like Target or Best Buy this year for better gadget deals.   


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