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Stay Connected With Customers – Sending Custom Messages

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Well, now you have an online store to promote your business and to make profits. But does that ends all your connections with the customers? You are here to sell your products or services and get along with a new market and globally expand your business. But you need to take advantage of the new extensions available on the Magento platform that can perk up your online sales.

Whatever may be your online business may be if you intend to add more profits to the revenue stream, you need to stay connected with your customers. To keep customers happy is the motto of every business. To help you a little to keep up with the customer satisfaction role, you must look into the opportunity with Magento Extensions like Twilio. Well, Twilio is one of the best extensions that allow you to send alerts or notification to your customers in the form of SMS or voice messages.

Magento Twilio SMS Notification Extension

How the Magento Twilio Extension Works?

It is an automated service that requires a little bit of code writing and installs on your website. Magento Twilio Extension is no doubt one of the best and instant ways to send relevant messages to your customers.

It helps you to customize the messages and send it only to the targeted customers. You will find that they can customize your messages and tap the order accordingly. Say if you have some exclusive offers on certain products that a customer has been looking for a long time, and your reviewer has noted the behavioral pattern of the customer and thus you are open to send messages to customers as per that requirement.

With the help of proactive notification services in Magento Twilio Extension, you can handle your logistics easily and trigger messages to the targeted customer.

Targeted messages are important as the messages that you send to your customers are meant exclusively for them. Most of the time, the people who get alerts or notification from an online business, they dump them. However, after studying the customer intent and the requirement of their product or service if we can shoot out customized messages, then you are sure to reap more profits.

It will allow you to add more revenue to your bag. Such Magento Extensions are great, as it does not spare much time to add in the timelines. The professional developer looks for more scope with this new extension. It just requires a little coding ability and it will allow installing the application.

The professionals have robust methods to write the codes for you and let you enjoy the privileges of this extension. It is available exclusively on the Magento platform to lessen the hazard of tweaking every new message for loads of customers. It will send the messages automatically as soon as you target the trigger point.

Take help of the Magento website developers to install this productive plugin, couple your revenues, and let your business grow proactively.

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