eCommerce in Today’s World

The Space for eCommerce in Today’s World

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eCommerce is just a Commercial Transaction carried out over the Internet. eCommerce has grown today to such a huge level, that every company use it in some way or the other. eCommerce modules are trending and have become so literally visible in the market that it is easier to distinguish between Conventional way and Electronic way of handling transactions.

Now that eCommerce trends in 2017 have their footprints everywhere, we see a drastic change in how a company handles things. The Customers are provided with Customized ways of Understanding Customers using AI and Heatmap basis. It also provides an Omnichannel for Understanding Customers, basically a 360 degree view of Customers and their responses to various triggers like In Store experience. With more and more companies coming into eCommerce, Mobile Devices are expected to hold the largest Data Traffic worldwide, as per a research by Cisco, the Networking Giant. So eCommerce trends on Mobile Platform is set to reach greater heights with everything in a small device on our palm.

With numerous responses worldwide, Chatbots (Virtual Assistants) are also increasing day by day, filtering the Customers’ Requests to what they are actually looking for, making them feel comfortable. Salesman connected to customer via the Internet will deliver the best of online and offline shopping facilities. With everything becoming easily accessible, the User Experience is also becoming richer with time. eCommerce has stepped onto Social Networks, especially FaceBook. On FaceBook Connect, a user can open a group that is primarily for Product Sales and add members into it, and members on FaceBook can also request for joining the Group. This way, the user can also get Customers from all over the world, making his products reach the masses in a Social way.

On Time Delivery is another eCommerce trend in 2017 that is getting prominent worldwide, thanks to Online Shopping Websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The trend is growing in such a way, that On Demand Delivery (Eg: Amazon Prime) will be the standard in the coming months. Also, Checkouts will be becoming less complicated, letting the user fill out Non Personal Data only once, saving it, and asking the user next time if he/she wishes to use the same data again, thus saving time. As per an article in Business Insider, at least 25% of online shoppers abandon their carts because the checkout process was complicated or did not contain their preferred mode of payment. Streamlined checkouts will give a hassle free shopping experience for customers.

Big Data – this buzzword in data analytics will reform the eCommerce industry trend in 2017, in a myriad of ways – Personalized Product Portfolios, Optimized Prices, Customer Based Store Design, Accurate Online Advertising Targets. This is not the end, but rather a beginning of what can be considered to be the top ecommerce trends.

With eCommerce modules becoming such a huge thing in today’s market, Customer Satisfaction is reaching great heights and Brand Values have also reached pinnacles.

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