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How to select your Magento hosting partner

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You might be in the very middle of an extremely busy shopping peak period of the year with your online store bustling with full-fledged activity. What you find is that complaints keep pouring in about the slow website, lack of clarity in the information provided, unclear navigation and the list keeps prolonging. So what do you do? Time to find an expert? Yes. You may realize that at times you might have to turn towards a Magento hosting expert who could deal with all your technical concerns in the online store. So how do you choose the “best” Magento hosting service in the town?

Know what you need:

Define your requirements to obtain the right solution. Simply looking for a Magento host would be like shooting arrows in the dark. Be specific and then proceed.

  • Analyze your traffic:

Begin with analyzing the amount of traffic your website receives and at what time spans. Like your website may be very active during some time and would expect heavy traffic while remaining idle at other instances. This helps in allocating server load and checking it for load tests.

  • Research on your products:

Considering the type of products your website showcases along with the number of products also plays a vital role in selecting the right host. You need not go for huge brands to support your online space containing simply ten types’ of products.  Got it?

  • Thinking about latency:

Your geographical location also plays a significant role in opting for the right provider. Try and select the closest server possible which will reduce the time gap between raising the server request and obtaining the server response.

Magento is not limited to this but there are various types of hosting options which could be provided.

There is

  • Managed host providers who offer you a well managed Magento server with appropriate configuration, high security levels and 24*7 monitoring for state-of-the-art experiences.
  • There are self-serviced hosting providers who take charge of your end-to-end requirements
  • Host providers can also be categorized based on the server type they being dedicated, shared and on-cloud servers.

Yet other factors to be thought about are:

Support provided: This is indeed a huge portion of the service which will be provided. Support is equally important as the service. Any issues after hosting the web page need to be proactively dealt with by the provider. If the provider fails to do this, your web page could be in serious trouble.

Level of security: You will need to ensure that your provider is very stringent towards spam and blacklisted websites. An ecommerce website could easily be blacklisted too in case of improper management. Also, you will need to check for:

  • Proper SSL and SSH encryption techniques
  • Incorporation of strong firewalls for enhanced security
  • Focused and dedicated security plan for your Magento platform

The most important part is checking for the Magento compatibility that is if your host provider completely supports the Magento 2.0 version which includes verification of proper certifications and PCI compliance.

Hopefully such a detailed multi-dimensional analysis of factors would be able to contribute towards selecting the best-suited Magento host provider for your website and get maximum benefits of it.

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