Drupal Ubercart Payment Gateways

Do Customers feel Safe while making Payments on your Drupal site?

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Drupal Ubercart Payment Gateways

If you are an online store owner it is your responsibility to offer the safest and smartest way for customers to make payments. And of course you also want to receive those payments quickly without any hassle. In most of the successful online stores, payment processes are taken care by payment gateways. Drupal UberCart integrated payment system acts as a bridge between acceptable payment methods (check, credit card, purchase order, etc.) and payment gateways (CyberSource, Authorize.net, PayPal, etc.).

There are many Drupal Ubercart Payment Modules developed by integrating Drupal with payment gateways to make the payment process in the Drupal website more secure and fast. These modules help the website owners to transact the payments in an effective and efficient manner. Based on the requirements of the business, the merchant can choose a suitable payment module.

In this article, we are going to see how to offer a safe payment process to the customers in your Drupal website by using First Data Global Gateway e4 payment gateway.

Why use Drupal Ubercart Payment Gateways?

The exciting combination of Drupal (CMS) and Ubercart (Electronic Shopping Cart) powering more than thousands of websites on the Internet. It is used in many popular websites and they are getting better results out of the process. It offers many advantages to the merchants as well as the customers such as secure payment services, fast shipping process, and many more.

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First Data GGe4 Payment Gateway

Though several payment gateways are providing good payment services, most of the people wish to use First Data GGe4 payment gateway for processing their payments. First Data has more than 40 years of experience in the payment processing industry. Being a popular payment gateway in the online business world plenty of First Data Payment Modules is used to process numerous payment transactions in a safe and simple way. Hence, online store owners prefer this payment gateway for their business.

Payment process in Drupal by using First Data

First Data GGe4 payment gateway can be integrated with the Ubercart core credit card system to help the website owners to process the payment transaction in a safe way. It allows you to collect all major credit cards (Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, and JCB) details from your customers and check for validation.

When a customer provides valid credit card information, the module sends those details to First Data. A secured hosted web payment form is designed to accept eCommerce transactions. The module has many rich features that lead to successful payment process on the site.


  • Easy to install and use this module
  • The module is compatible with Drupal 6 and 7
  • Accepts credit card payments and process through First Data Gateway
  • The module relies on an Ubercart core credit module to collect and encrypt credit card information
  • Supports Authorize and capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature, and refund amount
  • You can capture the authorized payments from the module back-end


The Drupal Ubercart First Data Payment Module makes your customers feel secure when they are shopping on your site. This will increase customers and the sales of your business abundantly.

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