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Redefine Your Homepage Slideshow Views with PrestaShop Slider Module

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The online shopping trend is increasing day by day, and the Internet is becoming more popular as the maximum number of people started using the Internet regularly for purchasing the product. Thus many companies are now focusing on developing an attractive eCommerce store for their business. Most of the customers go with product image, brand, color, size rather than product manufacturer or product comparison. And also the customer cannot spend much time watching videos and demos for the product. Hence the perfect slideshow helps the customer to choose the right product of their choice. Implementing our PrestaShop MultiSlider Module can enable the mortar retailers or bricks to provide an elegant home page slide show for their products.

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Features and Working on PrestaShop Slider

This module is easy to install and allows website owners to set up, configure different home page slideshows. Merchants or admin are provided with the different options that are flexible for managing blocks, sizes, images and transitions for every slideshow category.

An effective home page slideshow will not only impress your customers on the product but will also make them feel that they reached the exact website they are looking for. By using this module, you get the following slideshow option for setting your home page, four-block slideshow, one block slide show, two-block horizontal slideshow, two-block vertical slideshow, three-block vertical slide show, and three block slideshows.

All the six-block settings come with independent configuration and varied transitions allowing the merchants to display the products in the desired way. With the help of the back-end, the admin can add, edit or delete the image location, head text, description, URL, height, width, and transitions. The multilingual support of the module permits the site owners to change and display the product information in any given language. In addition, he can even change the product layout or product image by selecting the desired language listed in the database.

Hence by installing our PrestaShop Slider Module the mortar retailer gets benefited by offering their customers a presentable homepage slide show. It also enables them to easily compete with today eCommerce market.

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