Important Things to Observe in Product Bulk Export and Import

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With regular extensions and improvements, Opencart has evolved into being one of the largest and popular eCommerce content management systems in the world. This open-source platform is the most sought-after option for aspiring store owners who need a well-developed and high-quality website. 

Opencart is compatible with plenty of exciting and user-friendly themes, templates, and modules that help simplify store operations. From secure payment gateways to pop-up and SMS notification, Opencart keeps on improving the user’s experience with its wide range of modules. One such module that helps store owners in importing and exporting products in bulk is Product Bulk Export and Import extension.

Importing and exporting products in Opencart is no more a challenging task with Product Bulk Export and Import module. Adding products manually to your Opencart can be a super tedious task, especially for store owners who need to display a wide range of products on the Opencart shop. 

What is Product Bulk Export and Import?

It is an advanced and comprehensive module that imports and exports data on Opencart through excel sheet. Product Bulk Export and Import is a perfect option for store owners who have a large number of products to upload on their Opencart website. No one has time to carry out the manual product importing and exporting process, especially when the quantity is significant. 

Not only does the module allow store owners to execute the bulk import process through the excel sheet, but it helps companies to export these items from their older Opencart store to the new version of the platform. Let’s say you have a merchant account on Opencart 2.x version. A significant number of items and services listed on the older version of your Opencart are almost impossible to migrate to the newer version with a manual transfer. Even if you attempt to export these products manually, you will end up spending days to complete the process. Moreover, the manual transfer can lead to errors. 

So whether you want to import products from the excel sheet or export your services from the older Opencart shop to the new version, Product Bulk Export and Import module can get the job done effectively.

Key Features of Product Bulk Export and Import

    • Store owner can add products in bulk 

    • Admin can extract product data from the excel sheet

    • Product data can be imported in multiple languages

    • Export all products in bulk from one Opencart version to the other one

    • Easy to integrate with the Opencart websites

    • Execute the import and export jobs smoothly

Why Do You Need Product Bulk Export and Import Module?

Now that you have Product Bulk Export and Import extension, you don’t need to learn programming or technical coding to import products and attributes on Opencart. Updating product images, descriptions, key features, pros, and other such information is always a tedious job for the admin. The best part about the module is that it not only supports product images but allows admin to import several aspects of the items such as reward points, data, links, discount and promo offers, product links, options tab, SEO, and so on. In short, the extension helps you extract the whole product with an accurate description and attributes on Opencart. 

This automated extension can help you save plenty of time by executing the import and export process. That way, you can utilize this time for more productive activities such as marketing, creating product campaigns for social sites, sending notifications to customers, and developing future strategies.

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