PrestaTrust- the next big jump of Prestashop

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We have heard loads about Prestashop. From it being an open source platform to build probably any type of ecommerce space to the multiple options it gives the users and developers alike. Retailers have been constantly depending on this ecommerce platform to untangle business complexities and reach out to their customer base the best possible way. Prestashop on the other hand has been continuously supporting its users with its out-of-the-box options on framework, designs and templates. Want more? It has an extremely simple user interface which doesn’t need any deep technicality to be dealt with. This aspect of Prestashop elevates its scalability aspect pushing organizations to zero down on Prestashop as their choice.

Introducing PrestaTrust:

Yes, after the introduction of Prestashop version 1.7.3, Prestashop has successfully launched the PrestaTrust. So what is all the hype about? PrestaTrust operates on the principles of block chain. How could Block chain be related to Prestashop? Let us detail it further. As of now the norm was that Prestashop being open source software, which it will continue to be, included fully developed modules which were bought by users. These users could in turn share these modules to anyone they like. In this vicious cycle of events, the authentication factor went missing somewhere which had to be curbed and corrected. Why? Because when people called up for support, developers never knew if they were authorized or not! It sounds ridiculous. Isn’t it? So Prestashop has introduced the concept of PrestaTrust which will carry a stamp of the module developer for better recognition and greater stuff along with it.

Read on to know more…

So where does Block chain come into the picture?

Block chain has bought about a productive disruption in the way data is being managed in businesses. Prestashop is the next to make use of this technology. Using Block chain, PrestaTrust will be able to keep a hold on the usage of modules. The modules are no way going to be encoded or interrupted during installation. Just that the important information about happenings in the Prestashop add-ons will be recorded in the Ethereum Block chain.

Why is all this being done?

Simply to build a deeper association between the module developers and users and have a track about the user data on Block chain. This is an attempt to reap a better trust worthy relationship amongst the Prestashop community.

The Ethereum Block chain will provide a highly secure authenticated open source code which will help the module developers to:

  • Nurture a better trust and relation with the users
  • Identify unauthenticated users and curtail support which is being provided to them. This will help developers to focus on genuine users.
  • Send notifications and module related updates only to actual, authenticated, licensed buyers.
  • Reflect them in a better manner and enhance the visibility and exposure with the module developer stamp which accompanies the module.

What happens in the Blockchain?

PrestaTrust does not display any personal information on the Blockchain. It is only the hash on the module which is scrutinized during installation and intimations are triggered purely regarding the authentication of the module alone. This process does not involve any encoding techniques.

Look how Prestashop has taken the extra leap to offer the best to its customer base with absolutely no compromise on the quality of its services!

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