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Google Rich Snippet a Need for your Prestashop eCommerce Webstore

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In the present world, google is one of the leading search engine. The eCommerce store merchants emphasis on google to make their products stand out and their website URL to come under first ten URLs from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Thus implementing a rich Snippet can certainly help the merchants to improve the performance of their website to a greater extent. For more human traffic and SEO success, merchants can use this snippet feature. Before choosing the rich snippet feature, we need to clearly understand this feature and benefits of using the Snippet.


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About Rich Snippet Concept

Prestashop Rich Snippets Module are the Google new feature that comes with HTML coded bits of information to enable the search engine to collect the data from Meta description of the page and content. Merchants on completing the website development through eCommerce web developers should focus on SEO factors by giving the keyword rich product details to google. The product details may be related to their website such as price, review ratings, availability, and special offers and so on. Then the Google will use this given product information in rich snippets and display them smartly. The information given by the merchants are displayed under the URL of the website and enables the user or customer to easily identify the exact information or things they are actually looking for. So we can say that, this snippet as a direct impact on the business performance of the website. Maximum number of eCommerce store retailers want to describe in their product details, about their organization and reviews on their eCommerce Solution Provider website, and the snippets will also accept such criteria and advertise them in a better way.

Advantages of Prestashop Rich Snippets Module  for an Online Shopping Store

Using the Rich Snippets will benefit the user and it helps them to increase the search engine ranking, enhance the traffic rate for their website. Product markup is one important focus by search engines and google encourages the product markup for specific products. Creating a markup on product listing page is not supported by google. When the markup is set for listing page, it will make the customer to visit other websites or sellers. Hence retailers have to be very careful in setting up the product markup. If the website owner wants to change the price of the products very often, then can set the markup for product and price.The search engine will use this product markup for creating a good traffic and better results. The review is one common factor and merchants have to identify perfect review items for displaying it on google rich snippet. For shopping sites, the name given in the review should be valid and it should be the full name, because snippets will not accept the partial names. Other attributes of the review items are summaries of the review, author of the review and quality rating and date of the review. Summary of the review must be short and related to the product and quality rating must be specified as the number of stars. The date and author of the review also should be perfect without any spelling mistakes. The breadcrumbs URL must be short and google snippets does not accept long URL. While specifying the breadcrumbs the URL and title must be taken into consideration.

Hence I conclude that eCommerce business makers can easily achieve SEO success by using this google rich snippets.

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