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PrestaShop Dropshipper Lite – The Ultimate Dropshipping and Order Management Module

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The biggest challenge of performing a PrestaShop Dropshipper business is determining a shopping cart program. There are dozens to choose from, and they all claim to be user-friendly. The downside is that if you are not educated on the world of web design, you might just find yourself having nightmares about third-party shopping carts. Most web hosting companies offer shopping cart programs that you can choose to install for free.

PrestaShop is simple to customize by uploading your banner images, improving the store layout and customizing all of the plugins through the Modules Tab. Additionally, it offers fast and easy data feed import under the Tools tab. Once your data feed has been introduced, a preview is shown to allow you to select which title should be allocated to each column. Within minutes you can upload thousands of products to your website including the multiple categories and images for each product.

The Dropshipper module for PrestaShop is a perfect choice for retailers and wholesale vendors. This PrestaShop module facilitates and optimizes the way customers place their orders, thus attracting more Dropshipper to your company. It can calculate shipping fees based on the delivery address, product weight, product cost, and product quantity. Moreover, it enables the user to specify the number of shipping addresses for a single order. The dropshipper module provides fair advantages to both the buyers and sellers. Shoppers can experience many deals, exclusive discounts and save ample time. Retailers are presented with the facility to calculate the shipping costs based on the product weight, cost, quantity, and delivery location. There is also a characteristic to produce tracking id for every order that allows tracking of the shipping which supports customers to keep updated. Apart from this, there are many more fundamental features that make for smooth and on time deliveries.


  • Calculates shipping cost based on weight, cost, and quantity.
  • Exports automatic order notification to buyer and supplier/vendor
  • Sends bill to the buyer without genuine supplier/vendor information
  • Allows retailer to configure the least order amount for free shipping
  • Let’s retailer to configure if the flat rate to be determined by the product’s initial price or discounted price.
  • Allows buyer to supplement products to cart and calculate shipping cost without logging in
  • Allows multiple shipping origins per order
  • Allows retailers to create their shipping carriers
  • Displays complete break-up of shipping cost in buyer invoice
  • Allows retailer to combine handling fees

The basic function of the PrestaShop Dropshipper module is the automated handling of orders in a PrestaShop Online Shop. But this new, extended module PrestaShop Dropshipper Expert for allows the basic functions of the Dropshipping Wizard module plus additional features specially programmed for the Dropshipping Expert.

The basic functions of the Dropshipping Wizard:

Your customers orders one or more items in your PrestaShop Dropshipper. It doesn’t matter if these items are from just one or different drop shipping providers.

What your customers will like?

  • The shipping orders are automatically transferred to the Manufacturer or Supplier on preset order status
  • All shipping orders comprise all relevant information and data for the dropshipping partner
  • The knowledge for the Manufacturers or Suppliers is extricated from the store’s database
  • Individualization of the shipping expenses for each single drop shipping partner
  • Adjustment of specific shipping costs for every single item possible
  • Email templates for transferring all the relevant information to your dropshipping partner
  • No overwrites or manual adjustments necessary
  • Enable or disable drop shipping for every single drop shipping partner manually
  • Send individually configurable CSV-Files to the dropshipping partner for the direct import of the delivery data into their systems
  • Stock control with individual adjustment options for every dropshipper and every single product.

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