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PayPal Payment Gateway Plugin for your WordPress eCommerce Website

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WordPress platform is the widely used Content Management Systems (CMS) that has accessed patronage from more than 60 million websites across the globe. A number of eCommerce store owners prefer WordPress to build their online business sites, because of its rich features to cater to all the business needs of eCommerce store owners. A number of WordPress Payment Plugins are developed by WordPress Development Team to enable to integrate WordPress with several payment gateways like PayPal to offer seamless payment transaction process to customers.

Wordpress WP Paypal Payment Advanced

Why PayPal Payment Plugins?

PayPal is one of the popular payment modules that are widely accepted for its authenticity in transactions. With more than 9 million payment processes carried out each day in a secure manner, PayPal module is easy to integrate with your WordPress eCommerce platform to enable the payment process in your online store in a faster and smoother manner.

The WordPress PayPal Payment Plugins accept all major credit cards and once the customer submits the card details, the information is transmitted to the PayPal Payment Gateway for further processing of the payments. A payment gateway is an eCommerce service provider that facilitates the merchants to run their eCommerce websites efficiently by offering fast and secure payment solutions to customers. Also, these plugins enable the customers to stay on the merchant’s site during the whole payment transaction process that means customers need not be redirected from the merchants’ website to the payment gateway site.

The WordPress Payment Advanced Module can be integrated by using two payment options like “Pay with PayPal” and “Pay with credit or debit card”. Customers can check out by opting for any one of these payment options that suit their convenience. The main benefit of integrating this payment module is that it makes your online business more secure and professional.

Advantages of PayPal Payment Module

  • Accepts all major credit/debit cards
  • Offers varied payment solutions for eCommerce merchants and customers
  • Supports multiple currency payment  from a single account
  • Refund feature is accessible in the configuration page
  • Supports features such as “Authorize & Capture” and “Authorize only and Capture later”
  • Users can stay on the site for the whole checkout process
  • SSL is not required for this addon
  • PayPal Transaction ID is displayed for the successful transaction made
  • Easy to install and configure.

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Thus, keeping an air of professionalism is very essential for running an online business and to maintain this, you need to equip yourself to accept payments through your site using the PayPal extensions. This module restricts the number of pages customers have to click through, once they decide to make a purchase before the transaction is completed. And being able to accept PayPal payments through WordPress Payment Plugins can open up more opportunities for attracting more customers and enabling you to experience increased sales.

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