Payment Process in Drupal

Payment Process in Drupal eCommerce Store

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Without paying the amount we cannot buy anything from the store. Payment is the important process for the every store. In a physical store we can buy anything and pay the amount in the bill section. But when we come to eCommerce store payment gateways are used to process the payment of the store. It acts as a link between the customers and the merchants. The merchants integrate their eCommerce store with the payment gateway to process the payment transaction with safe and secure. In this article we are going to see the payment process in Drupal eCommerce store. The Drupal developers developed many “Drupal Payment Modules” to provide the best payment services to the customers and the merchants. These payment modules are exclusively designed in order to meet the requirements of all the customers and the merchants.


Drupal is an open source content management framework written in PHP, that are used for powering millions of websites including White House.gov, World Economic Forum, Stanford University, and Examiner.com. It is the best web development platform used for knowledge management and business collaboration. Drupal is a very big growing community consist of more than 30,000 developers and designers. Drupal comes with many excellent features, thousands of add-on modules and designs in order to help you to build a powerful website. It has more than 1,881 themes to provide the website look very rich and professional. Nowadays many organizations offer the Drupal eCommerce Development services to meet the Drupal website owner requirements. Drupal supports multiple languages and it is used in more than 229 countries in the globe.

Different payment process in Drupal based eCommerce store

Drupal is integrated with many payment gateways like First Data GGE4 payment gateway, PayPal payment gateway, etc. When Drupal integrates with First data gge4 payment gateway, it accepts all credit card and debit card payments and process the payments through First data payment gateway. The merchant need not to purchase the SSL certificate and it is the perfect solution for the merchant who do not wish to accept and store the credit card information for security reasons. It passes on the major PCI responsibilities to First data. It provides the seamless checkout experience to the customers. Drupal integrates with First data and process the payment in a secure and safe manner.

When Drupal integrates with PayPal payment gateway to provide the secure payment transaction to the merchants and the customers. The Drupal based eCommerce store integrates with PayPal accept the credit card payments and process through PayPal payment gateway. For this payment service, PayPal charges $5 for per month. The merchant who used this payment integration on his Drupal eCommerce store, he need not to purchase the SSL certificate. PayPal allows the customer to stay on the merchant site for the entire checkout process. It provides the seamless checkout experience without worrying about the PCI compliance.


I have explained the two types of payment process that are made in Drupal eCommerce Store. We conclude this article that, Drupal integrates with many Payment Gateway services to provide the safe and secure payment services to the customers.

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