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Update to Payeezy First Data Payment Gateway API v27 – Don’t be left behind

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Payeezy has taken its revolutionary business platform that helps merchants establish and grow their ecommerce business, to the next level with the release of a series of versions updates ending with v27 recently. Just in case you aren’t familiar with Payeezy. That’s a web service that allows third-party applications to process online payment transactions through First Data’s payment gateway system.

Normally when looking for payment gateway solutions you might come across the hosted solution vs. the non-hosted API solution. The hosted solution redirects the user to a payment page hosted elsewhere. This hosted page takes care of the transaction and then returns the user to your original website. Whereas the non-hosted payment API is much more advanced, completing the transaction on your website without the need for the user to leave your page. Normally, people venturing new into ecommerce, wanting to test waters go for the hosted solution. Established players go for the non-hosted payment API. Payeezy supports both the hosted and non-hosted payment API solutions.

Already using payeezy first data payment gateway but still stuck on an older version?  “I am using v11. It still works fine for me.” We have heard so many clients say similar. Wondering why you need to update to the latest version of payeezy first data payment gateway API?  Read on. Payeezy’s journey to v27 has brought in plenty of features, which further strengthen their unparalleled ecommerce offerings. Some are:


In an endeavor to provide an exquisite experience to the users, payeezy payment gateway has expanded the payment methods available on their API. Nowadays, people have a plethora of options to make a payment. Gone are the days of using only a credit card.

Payeezy now supports payments through gift cards as well. Payeezy’s gift card solution is trusted by over 300 of the world’s largest brands. Imagine the customer having to make a payment of $50 for a purchase, but has only a $30 value gift card. Payeezy now supports the Partial Purchase / Split Tender feature that allows users to utilize their gift card and make any balance payment through other payment options. The user can also cancel a transaction before completion. The gift card feature is optional and the merchant can enable or disable through the gift card settings. But you can only choose to accept only one type of gift card, either those with EAN or the ones with SCV. Secure Card Value (SCV) is the primary gift card type for payeezy; though some earlier cards still feature an Extended Account Number (EAN).

Make Payment Methods

GIFT CARD PURCHASE To do transactions like purchase, activation, cash-out and reload
REVERSE GIFT CARD To initiate transactions like void and refund
GIFT CARD ADDITIONAL To transact on partial purchase, deactivation and balance inquiry


eCheck/Telecheck has now garnered industry wide acceptance for processing merchant and institutional payments. Payeezy was quick to add these to features to its arsenal. Reversing an eCheck transaction is also supported by this capability.

Make Payment Methods

eCHECK PURCHASE To make purchase transactions
REVERSE GIFT CARD To initiate transactions like void and refund
GIFT CARD ADDITIONAL To transact on partial purchase, deactivation and balance inquiry


Payeezy had added more security starting with v12 which mandates the implementation of HMAC (Hashed Message Authentication Code) security calculations. Every transaction using the APIs v12 and beyond, should use this hash value returned by the SHA-1 hashing algorithm.  Payeezy also performs this calculation on the API response messages returned to the merchant in case they wish to use it to check data integrity. But remember to note down the HASH key, once you generate the key through the Real-time Payment Manager interface. Once the key is generated and you update the settings page, the key will never again be shown in plain text. Forgot the key, generate again.

Credentials-on-File (Stored Credentials)

v27 now supports the feature of Credentials-on-File. Credential-on-file transaction could be any transaction initiated by the customer. The customer authorizes the merchant or business to save his payment details at some point, so that they do not have to enter in their credentials again. Visa and Mastercard have mandated obtaining cardholder consent before storing card details for future use. The stored feature is supported only for visa, mastercard and discover. Incase of mastercard transactions, these credentials must be sent only for non-Canadian merchants. Data fields will be ignored if sent for canadian merchants.

Visa Checkout and Masterpass

Payeezy also started supporting visa checkout with v19 and has added support for masterpass with the release of v24. Just to set the ball rolling, Apple Pay and Google Pay are also supported by Payeezy.

Then, why wait. Update to payeezy payment gateway v27 now. eGrove has partnered with first data and built readymade, easily deployable modules for integrating payeezy payment gateway with your ecommerce solutions. Be it prestashop or magento or a mobile app, we have got you covered. Visit www.modulebazaar.com for more. Looking for something else in payment solutions? Write to us at  blog@modulebazaar.com  We would be glad to help you.


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