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Launch Mobile App for Your Open Cart Store and Stay Ahead. Plug and Play Mobile App for Open Cart 3

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In today’s mobile-driven world, having a website for your business is an understatement. As the competition in the online industry is growing at a fast pace, developers and store owners need to use all the online marketing channels to advertise and promote their website. 

One such way to stay ahead of your competition is entering the mobile app market. If research is to be believed, then the mobile app market is expected to reach approx $188 billion in revenue in 2020. Customers love the idea of shopping through mobile apps as they are convenient and offer a smooth buying and transaction experience. 

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Convert Your eCommerce Website into a Mobile App with Open Cart 3 Mobile Application Solution 

If you have your eCommerce website built on Open Cart, the Opencart mobile application is offering you a great opportunity to take your website to the next level by designing and publishing a mobile app in the app store. Open Cart 3 Mobile Application is a hybrid app generating extension that transforms your eCommerce website into a mobile application. The extension is responsible for building an app that comprises all your website features. All the transactions, orders, inventory details, tracking status, feedback, and more will automatically be reflected on your app when your customers use your website for shopping.

Open Cart 3 mobile app builds both Android and iOS mobile applications. The main aim of the extension is to enhance customer’s engagement by offering them a smooth shopping experience. It helps store owners maximize their revenue and increase conversions by bringing traffic to their eCommerce store and mobile app. Furthermore, the management of your website gets pretty simple when you have a mobile app to track your online business. It is convenient to check your inventory status, current orders, customer’s feedback, transactions, and other details through the mobile app. Let’s check out the features of Open Cart 3 Mobile Application.

Features of Opencart 3 Mobile Application

  • Backs Opencart Multi-vendor extension. The application built by the platform has all the customers and merchants feature available in the mobile app. 
  • The mobile app has your brand, logo, and your company’s name.
  • The extension fetches the data from your existing open cart eCommerce website to design an application. It even adds additional functions such as banners.
  • Open Cart offers a hybrid mobile app i.e. the users need a source code to publish this app on different application platforms such as Google Play Store, App Store, Windows Store, and more.
  • The homepage displays featured as well as special products.
  • Customers can access the category icon on the home page and select the most appropriate category for shopping.
  • Countless color themes.
  • It develops custom footer and custom page for policy.
  • Other options available in the Open Cart 3 Mobile application are user dashboard, user profile, login page, search page, category listing page, product details page, checkout page, cart page, and forgot the password.

Publishing Your Mobile Application

Open Cart manages the application development and launching part. They not only develop a customized mobile app for open cart websites but publish it in the android play store and apple store. The developers need to buy this extension and connect with the Open cart app development team through the ticket. Submit the ticket through the help desk and get your branded mobile app published in the play store. 

You can even request the team to launch the mobile app using your existing play store developer account. 

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