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The B2B marketplace is a platform where business determined people like service providers and buyers from different industries deal for mutual trade interests and implement various trading activities. It is a center for the business community, where traders can meet people with a related trade or business profile and crack extra deals. The B2B marketplace is an excellent platform where one can reach the niche market players. One can find entrepreneurs from diverse segments accredited with the factor of trust and market reputation. The B2B marketplace isn’t just a platform but a hub for the business community with events at galore. The members of the marketplace themselves act as a monitoring body, thus minimizing the probability of fraud.

The combination of Internet & B2B marketplace introduces global avenues to local traders and business oriented people. B2B marketplaces on the Internet have redefined the global business. Now business is as easy as a click of a button, and all the resources are efficiently at a common place. Small and medium enterprises get a magnificent boost up.

In last few years several online B2B marketplaces came into existence. The evolution of marketplace drove the other online peers to offer reliable online solutions to their users or members which ultimately encouraged the users to get best possible services. In China, we have Alibaba which brings the buyers and suppliers not only from China but also from all beyond the globe. We also have another B2B marketplaces from China like Made In China and many others. The manufacturer’s directory provides a complimentary listing to its users, which in turn reciprocates to business probes based on the individual requirement.

Now let’s take an example of being IN the marketplace. Suppose you are a business this is part of a market and you are therefore a part of a marketplace in one way or another. How does this help you? First, it helps you become a better brand. If you know that you are being compared with your competitors, side-by-side, then you tend to look at your brand with that much more clarity and importance. Secondly, you have to think about what your market needs and wants to “stand out” and assist potential customers/clients in making their choice to engage with you. Lastly, being in the marketplace is a way to see what others are doing – and there is nothing wrong with noticing that. Just don’t copy them – do something better.

Here is a real-life example of a marketplace for businesses looking for an IT Services provider. Module Bazaar is a place providing you an opportunity to expand the business by finding new customers and suppliers from this new community. Buyers can inquire, compare and research a product offered on a marketplace without dropping it. This ability of this B2B marketplace to give the key information required to make a purchasing decision helps buyers to take a quicker buying decision. It provides a marketplace in which businesses get to choose an IT service provider to contact after seeing the various offerings from their search results. It also offers them a great way to be seen, show off their brand, and see what others in their industry are doing without searching for long periods of time.

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