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With a Minimum Investment in hand, Is it better to start a New Website or join an Established Marketplace? Which is Better?

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We are living in a digital age, where it is crucial to create your online presence and put some efforts to improve it in the best possible way. If you are offering some services or products, then it is highly essential to build your eCommerce store or become a part of an established eCommerce Marketplace where you can easily showcase your products with your potential customers in the best possible way. Well, the main point to consider here is that bringing your business in this digital world and becoming a part of the online marketplace will surely reap some significant benefits for you. It is not only because your potential customers want to see you online but also because you will be able to target more people in the best possible way and with ease. 

Why Maintaining an Online Presence is Vital?

Well, when it comes to maintaining the online presence of your business, then the potential benefits that go with it are truly amazing. It is imperative for you to know some of the benefits of taking your business online. 

•    Let more customers reach you: Managing online presence will make it easier for your prospects to reach you. It is because at present when people want to know more about your services or products, they prefer to visit your website. Even more, modern customers feel cynical about the companies which do not maintain an online presence.

•    Showcase your products and services: Your online platform will provide you enough flexibility to showcase your services and products. Even, without maintaining an online presence, it is never going to be more comfortable for any business to let the world know what it has to offer. 

•    Better marketing opportunities: With an online presence, it will become more natural for you to market your business in the best possible way. Advertising your products and services will let you effectively reach a better community. 

•    Relationship building: Having an online presence will let you build a positive relationship with your customers. It is because customers will be able to contact you and can review your products. Customer’s feedback will help you to improve your services in the best possible way with ease. 

Deciding where to sell online is one of the most important factors to consider. When it comes to maintaining an online presence for businesses, most of the people may have a limited budget in hand. Therefore, whether you should choose the option of an established eCommerce marketplace or build your new website is one of the most challenging things to decide. It becomes difficult for them to choose one option, especially with Minimum Investment in hand. To get a better idea about what to do in this condition, have a look at the following information. 

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New Website Vs. Established Marketplace

Well, sometimes for most of the people, it becomes hard to understand the difference between eCommerce marketplace and your web store. So, have a look at the following information to get a better idea. 

Online Marketplace 

An online marketplace is a third-party website where multiple sellers are already working across various product categories to sell their products. Ecommerce marketplace can be the best option to kickstart for many people. An online marketplace can make it easier for the sellers or businesses to get started by simplifying eCommerce for them. Even more, the transactions here are also going to be handled by the marketplace itself. There are plenty of customers who are already purchasing products from the established online marketplaces. Therefore, it will not take time to sell your products there. 

Although it has some positive sides, it brings some downsides too. For new sellers, it may become challenging to build recognition. Although your products will get sold, but your customers will never realize your presence there. It would become difficult for you to market your products in the future; it is because you will be unable to build your customers list there. 

New Website

An eCommerce website will be an independent platform which will be controlled and run by the seller entirely. This kind of online channel can be a perfect opportunity to showcase your business or brand to the world. You can create your brand’s personality with ease by maintaining your eCommerce store. Even more, you can get a better chance to retarget your current customers in the future to improve your sale. The customers in your store will be yours, and you can quickly build loyalty. You can easily set significant margins and can work better in the future. 

However, on its downside, you have to work hard to establish your new website. You will have to spend time to bring customers to your place. It may take much time and effort to let you effectively grow your business. 

New Website Vs. Established marketplace, which is better to choose with minimum investment? 

When you think it’s time for your business to shine, then you must think about to establish online space to sell your product. The best option to choose genuinely depends on the business or retailer. It is because the selection of either established online marketplace or your eCommerce store depends on your own needs and goals. When we think about the cost then although most of the established online marketplaces are offering free membership for new sellers, they cost you some money, every time you will sell your product. However, some of the established marketplaces also charge some membership fee from the new sellers. 

While on the other hand, when we talk about establishing a new website, then there are multiple opportunities available for you to establish a perfect store or website within a limited budget. Just like WordPress is offering amazing opportunities for people to build their websites for free. Even in some cases, you can also get free templates and plugins to install. You can also get long-term benefits with establishing your own online selling platform.  

Resultantly, both of the options can be adopted even with a limited budget. However, the actual selection truly depends on your own. It is because each website and eCommerce marketplace has their own perks and downsides. So, focus on the aim of your business and put your hands on the option which can be the best for you.  

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