How Module Bazaar Marketplace Helps Your eCommerce Stores Flourish?

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Starting an eCommerce business is difficult work with several steps and decisions that require to come together at the right time. It can be remarkably difficult for a new entrant to gain entry and establish a presence in the ever-growing eCommerce industry. Building an online store from scratch can be quite a Herculean task. There is a huge price tag attached to it too. All this combined can force even the toughest entrepreneurs to bail out from the motive of launching their online store but, there is a beam of light on the end of the tunnel. The eCommerce market does provide a host of best marketplace extensions that support any Internet entrepreneur to launch their online store easily without breaking their bank or getting messy with coding.

Module Bazaar Marketplace is one such marketplace extension that comes loaded with features to create a Multi-vendor Website like Amazon, Etsy

Magical Front-end

A front-end that gives customer quick accessibility to products based on product categories, products being sold on offers, upcoming deals, best sellers, user-rated products and so on. Separate sections for products and ventures can also be setup to garner more conversions.

Rock-solid Back end

The modular back end is sustained as it is in Module bazaar Marketplace. This gives utmost flexibility in code revisions and upgrades to renew the store experience. Integrating new functionalities and selling options are also easier without the smallest dip in security or user experience.

Sell any Product

The eCommerce industry markets several types of products, namely:

  •    Simple
  •    Configurable
  •    Downloadable
  •    Virtual

Vendors can record and sell a diverse range of products on their storefronts blended with the bigger multi-vendor marketplace scenario. Depending on the product sample the SKU and pricing and delivery modes can be easily customized.

Sell Anywhere, Collect in any Currency

Module Bazaar Marketplace extensions come with multiple payment combinations that hallow vendors to collect money from actually anywhere in the world in any currency denomination that their customers require to pay in. Multi-currency compatibility benefits scale the business to any corner of the market without any limitations.

Straight Forward

Admins can set commission rates for the overall store or each unusual vendors. The commission gets calculated automatically for each victorious transaction without any errors.

Know Detailed Business Insights

Be on top of the business accomplishment with insightful metrics that inbuilt analytics throw up on a real-time basis. Know how much visitors turn into paying customers, what is the common order size, average cart abandonment rate and much more.

Striking Features of Module bazaar’s E-commerce Store:

  •    Seller dashboard with analytic insights of store performance
  •    Vendor-specific URLs for branding and personalization
  •    Seller portfolio for product management and additional information rendering
  •    Custom attributes admin for admin to add, edit or remove products from front-end
  •    Ajax powered Quick View that enabled users to get on with purchase immediately
  •    Flexible commission calculations
  •   Comprehensive admin dashboard

Sales Boosting Add-Ons including:

  •    Social Logins
  •    One step checkouts
  •    Online payment integrations
  •    Super deals section

Module Bazaar Marketplace extensions help build a wide variety of marketplaces including

  • Magento Marketplace: Fashion, gadgets, cosmetics, home appliances, footwear, etc.   
  • Digital marketplace: Downloadable software, music, movies, paintings, photographs, etc.
  • Service marketplace: Consultancy services, technician services, pet care services, etc.

It turns out that selling on marketplaces might make more financial sense than selling on your store when you are still a young business. But ultimately it becomes necessary to a presence everywhere and to nurture that presence on each channel. Module Bazaar Marketplace helps you adopt tools and techniques that allow you to measure the experience of real users across all web pages to value the true business impact of poor performance. Watch out for availability measures and your eCommerce-website speed, and tune your system accordingly.

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