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Manage Multi Seller in Magento Store using Marketplace Extension

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Magento Marketplace Extension is a popular open-source eCommerce platform extensively used by thousands of online store merchants in a successful manner to run their business. There are a lot of small businessmen who cherish a dream to setting up their own online business, but unable to do it so, because of the cost and time involved in Creating & Maintaining a Magento eCommerce Web Store. It is a fact that the small business outnumbers the medium as well as big businesses. So how are the small business ventures able to attain their dream of making an online store? An easy way out to this concern is seek the support of online marketplaces to grow their business online.

Online Marketplace Development are the new trend in online marketing and have accessed popularity among customers and offers advantages to small retailers which otherwise cannot be accessed by them. All that is needed by small retailers is just register with marketplace and upload their product on the site and the rest will be taken care by the marketplace.

Magento Marketplace Extension

By using the Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension, multiple vendors can easily sell their products through an online Magento store. This extension offers a host of features for the store owners such as uploading products, managing orders, managing products, handling product promotion, managing product shipping charge, accessing balance statement and many more.

The store owner will have total control over the entire activities of the marketplace.

Vendor Features

  • Enable quick registration by filling Vendor Registration Form on front-end
  • Facilitates to manage profile with store name, logo, banner, address, shop description, social website account links, etc.
  • Enables bulk uploading of products
  • Can create all type of products: Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable and Virtual
  • Can upload multiple product images
  • Can set catalog promotion on percent or fixed amount for attribute set, category and any product attribute like SKU, name, price etc

Admin Features

  • Enables seller account verification
  • Able to mange seller profile and store information
  • Can approve or block seller
  • Enables to set fixed or percentage type commission for seller
  • Can create seller specific invoice for customer order
  • Enables to set number of days for seller payout period for a specific seller.
  • Have full control on vendor products & orders
  • Enables to check seller account balance statement
  • Can access vendor Product Sales Report


Using the Magento Multi Seller Marketplace Extension and Addons to your online store can bring huge benefit for your business processes. This extension also offers store owners a complete and state of art online marketplace to attract more number of sellers to their site and earn a profit through commission. This apart, vendors will be facilitated to display their products through marketplace and enhance traffic to the site of store owner.

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Download: Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension

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