Boost your Magento Store Sales with Reward Points and Loyalty Program

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Nowadays who does not like to earn rewards and prizes for their loyalty to a service? If you are a regular customer and often pay visits to the site, then they are going to show their indulgence in your personal life and will care for you. Magento reward point extension is one such tool that has come to rule the market with their great features. It is one of the most enticing tools that allow generating repeat clients as well as new clients by increasing the customer satisfaction level. As who does not like to receive a gift? This reward is priceless, as a customer does not need to pay anything to earn it.

This Magento Reward Point Extension tool will allow you to compete and engage your customers vehemently. You can easily boost sales, retain existing customers and attract new customers with the use of this loyalty program, the activities in the admin can allow the user to gain points by allowing the customer to invite their friends, participate in polls, allow the customer to tag products, write reviews to the purchased product.

Magento Reward Point Extensions

It helps to collect and enjoy some of the great features in the Module Bazaar tools such as-

  • You can earn the reward points by enabling User Purchase Actions such as Purchase, Birthday Purchase, Referral Purchase, and Product Review
  • Even you earn reward points on customer build activities such as Referral, Participation on Poll, Tagging product, Subscribing to Newsletter
  • Even the social media activity of the customers can also let them earn reward points by participating in Social Media like FB, Twitter and Google Plus.
  • Now this will let you easily attract customers to spend and earn more and more reward points
  • It will become easy to prepare and view reports on rewards spend and earned
  • If you want to bank of the creative rules of marketing you need to earn more read points
  • You can view advanced pictorial representation of different apps
  • You get to earn and reward the user for user action and also allow them to redeem during checkout

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How is it going to benefit both with a single piece of pizza?

Customer Side

  • Customer refers to a friend
  • Web site registration
  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Posting product review
  • Poll Participation
  • Tagging products

Vendors Side

  • Check out the pictorial representation of the reports
  • Control the maximum reward points for a day
  • You can display and demand reward points on a specific product, category and also listing page

So are you ready to take a jump forward with the Latest Sales Booster Extension for Magento and keep your customers ahead of time? Then you must plan for an easy sequence that will be easy to engulf the readers here and see how it work for all. You can pull up your socks as reward Magento Loyalty Program Extension is going to stay back and that too quite easily.

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