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In this blog, let us see how to convert your Magento e-commerce store into marketplace and open the door to sellers to sell the products in your store & earn the commission 

Nowadays E-Commerce is taking overhead major part of trades. We can clearly see that lot of E-Commerce stores are getting online every day and it’s becoming especially difficult to stand out in the queue. So, What we can do to improve the online presence of any E-Commerce store?

Any of the E-Commerce stores in this world relies upon following some factors to be more successful-

  • Web Traffic
  • Versatility in Range of Products
  • Backlinks/URL’s
  • Traffic and Revenues

Now the thing is “How to grow all these factors to make out the most from E-Commerce Store?”

We can produce all these factors collectively by making a single easy step that is to transform E-Commerce Store into Multi Vendor Marketplace Market.

You might be wondering “How Multi Vendor Marketplace Store varies from E-Commerce Store?” Let’s checkout the basic variation between E-Commerce store and Multi Vendor Marketplace Store –

E-commerce Store:

• Only store owner and buyers are concerned

• Only store owner can trade goods to buyers

• Only Admin can add and control goods

• Admin handles revenues from direct sales of goods

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Store:

• Store owner, sellers, and buyers are connected

• Both sellers and store owner can trade goods to buyers

• Both sellers and admin can add and control goods

• Admin collects revenues straightforward from sales and also make

commissions from the sales of sellers.

Benefits of Multi Vendor Marketplace Store Over E-commerce Store:

More Traffic More URL’s More Products Extra Sales and More Revenues. It has been found that substantially all of the leading brands are using Multi Vendor Marketplace Store preferably of E-Commerce Store.

Keeping in thought all the traffic facts and the demand of users, we produced a plugin which can transform an Open Source E-Commerce Platform into full-fledged Marketplace Store. Several Plugins comes for all the traditional Open Source E-Commerce Platforms.

Let’s get into the highlights of this advanced plugin which converts normal E-Commerce Store into full-fledged Multi Vendor Marketplace Store.

Whenever a user registers as a seller, a request is generated and sent to admin. User can’t sell any products until the request is approved by admin. Once admin approves the requesting user becomes seller and seller can start selling products from the store. The same thing happens whenever seller adds a product to sell from the store. Always a product request from seller and seller request from the user is accepted by admin before any conclusive action.

Seller and Product Support By Store Owner:

Multi Vendor Marketplace encourages all type of products –

• Virtual Products

• Bundle Products

• Grouped Products

• Configurable Products

• Downloadable Products

• Simple Products

Support All Type of Products:

Responsive layout always helps buyers and sellers with better user experience and of course better user interface. Multi Vendor Marketplace comes with complete responsive layout and adapts to the width of any device. A responsive feature of Multi-Vendor Marketplace makes it even further best, better and flexible plugin.

Responsive Layout for Every Screen and Device:

Multi Vendor Marketplace can direct commissions for both store owner (admin) and seller. Multi Vendor Marketplace makes it very easier for admin to see and manage both commissions and revenues without any disordered effort.

Commission Supervision for Both Admin and Seller:

MultiVendor Marketplace comes with wide range of add-ons which not only make it tough but also makes it. More flexible regarding e-commerce features. Each and every marketplace add-on has its ability and can used to enhance the functionality of E-Commerce store.

Add-Ons Works Like Booster for Marketplace:

Few stats for marketplace plugin have a clear picture of how it’s evolved for several platforms in preceding few years and practiced by people to transform their stores into full-fledged marketplace stores.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugins are compatible with all major and modern open source e-commerce platforms which comprises Magento, Joomla, Opencart, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, Prestashop and Shopify.

So, for what you are waiting for? Just transform your e-commerce store into marketplace one to assemble best out of your e-commerce store.

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