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Learn How Magento 2 Currency Auto Switcher+ Geo IP helps to Businesses Flourish!

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Though your business perform well in locals, the ultimate dream is to connect to a global audience. Begin to focus more on demographics and geographically based nuances which include developing a dedicated website for specific regions. Travel an extra mile to present multi-linguistic content on your eCommerce websites. 

An online retailer endures his own share of negatives and one amongst the many is reaching out to the right kind of audience, the right way. Sensing the pulse of the customer base and understanding their demands has always been a challenge. As a budding retailer, you too would have faced these hurdles in an attempt to augment business horizons. 

However, there is a concern prevailing that you have to crack down…

Your business model might be fool-proof, your online framework may be intact however, to direct your customers to the appropriate destinations is altogether a different ball game. For example, a customer from China would feel comfortable to visit a website in his native language. But how could you identify the origin and ask the visitor to go to the website pertaining to his geographical region? Challenge your team of experts, and evaluate the possible options for this scenario.

Concluding on Egrove:

We propose Magento 2 extension module equipped with currency auto switcher+ geo IP location. Do not be surprised by the kind of result you observe.

This extension will automatically detect the origin of your individual global audience based on their IP address. Subsequently, redirect them to the website in their native language without hindering their shopping experience. To add on, the payment mode during the checkout process can switch over to their currency settings. All this together improve your final conversion rates and have your cash registers ringing uninterruptedly!

The features of this module include:

  • An auto detection of the visitor based on his IP address under stringent guidelines
  • Redirect the IP to the appropriate website. Maxmind look up table is the reference for identifying the website location.
  • Redirect the customers to their specified website location based on their native language
  • Also, change the currency settings both manually and automatically.
  • Update currency settings based on custom GEOIP import services.
  • Handle the complete setting of the website URL based on the nativity of the website visitor both manually and automatically.
  • The complete module is easily installable and involves a user-friendly interface which demands minimal technical supervision.

Make your global customers happy as they do not have to check for the currency exchange rate every time they make a purchase. The Magento 2 currency converter extension automatically convert the product price in the regional currency and display it for the customer. Admins are provided specific rights to block IP addresses and white list IP addresses to avoid store redirection.

The benefits:

  • Convey your brand message in an impactful manner
  • Easily monitor and handle global administration with the friendly interface of this module
  • The ability of this module to auto-switch between currencies and languages help boost the sales 
  • Deliver seamlessly personalized shopping experiences to customers with a dedicated store for every geographical region.

Final thoughts:

The Magento 2 currency auto switcher + GeoIP location module contributed towards turbo boosting business and sales in a massive way. The specialized team from eGrove Systems and its competent support team will support you throughout the installation and post installation. 

Reap the benefits of using this module and recommend it to your close knit network of online business owners. 

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