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Important SEO KPIs You Should Be Tracking

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Well, you can’t just write an Article/Blog randomly and hope it’s success on the internet. Just because you have provided “Value content” in your Blog, it just doesn’t work that way. You’re not the only one writing on that topic.

To get your article listed on the top or improve its “Rank,” you have to optimize your content for Google. From any other search engine, this process is called SEO, and KPIs are “Key Performance Indicators” that we’ll be discussing throughout this article.

  1. Ranking Keywords
  2. Organic Conversions
  3. Share of Voice
  4. Organic Click-Through Rate
  5. Backlink Profile

Ranking Keywords

KPIs need to be tracked thoroughly, whether you are an SEO agency or a working professional. Keeping track of your KPIs is very crucial for your business. Knowing which keyword in your article is derived from people who have used that keyword to find your website. It may be helpful for your future blogs; you’ll know which keywords are performing better and which aren’t.

Studies have proved that more than 50% of the users click on the result on the very first page. So, you have to rank your keywords as high as possible to increase your website’s ranking ultimately. On the Search Engine, it may result in getting more traffic to your website.

Organic Conversions

It is possible that once you get a higher ranking, you may not retain that rank due to the changes in algorithms of Google. Google is improving daily and, therefore, the keyword that worked for you a month ago may not retain its strength over the next year or two. Also, improving your ranking may get you visitors but are these visitors finding your content relevant to them? 

seo kpis

That’s a different question. But, organic conversions, on the other hand, are sort of independent of algorithmic changes. Google undergoes changes each day and is more stable than keyword ranking. You can track whether the visitors you’re getting on your site are engaging in your content (E-mail signups, downloads, purchases, etc.) or not. It will help you in getting the traffic that finds your content relevant to them instead of just “Visitors.”

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Share of Voice

Share of Voice is another analysis in SEO that helps the website owners compare their content to that of their competitors through “Frequent Ranking” they get for a certain set of keywords. It acts as a measure of your brand visibility in the industry or your dominance in that niche. A brand’s Share Of Voice (SOV) has a direct relationship with its market share and revenue. 

Organic Click-Through Rate

The Organic click-through rate is the measure of people clicking on a result provided by Google for their search. But to get a click on your website, your result has to be on the first page of Google because there’s an old joke that if you’re looking for a good place to hide a dead body, the second page of Google is the best place. Higher ranking pages have higher click-through rates; it’s proven!

Backlink Profile

A backlink is a link created when one website contains an external link to another website. Clicking on this link will redirect you to another website where you’ll find more info on the topic you were reading on. Now, earning backlinks to your website can be extremely valuable for the Search Engine Optimization of your website. Earning backlinks from trustworthy, popular websites can benefit every aspect of your website’s SEO at once.


Optimizing your page for Google is not just an option for you; it’s a necessity. If your content is not optimized using various KPIs, which I’ve just mentioned, it won’t get much traffic no matter how much effort you put into your content.

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