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How to Make a Strong Woo-Vtiger Syncing Using the Same Host Features?

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Vtiger CRM is used for improved marketing and customer relationships. Currently, it has around 30k users. Basically, it helps facilitate a smooth interaction between brands and customers. But, the question is how you can sync WooCommerce with Vtiger. If you have been using both these platforms, then transferring data from one system to the other might be a challenging task. Well, there is one easy way to simplify the process and automate the data transfer from WooCommerce to Vtiger and vice versa.

All you gotta do is purchase and integrate the Woo-Vtiger syncing plugin. Woo-Vtiger plugin is one of the popular and crucial eCommerce solutions that facilitate a quick and easy synchronization of data between both platforms. So, the product information, images, customer details, orders, shipping, return and refund, and other such information will automatically be updated on Vtiger or WooCommerce. You don’t have to spend your time copying the entries from one platform to the other. Once you have uploaded the products with details on WooCommerce, it will be updated on Vtiger automatically. 

It saves you time and effort on manual data entries. This eCommerce module can also prevent manual errors by duplicating each transaction on the CRM efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about the Woo-Vtiger plugin and its uses.

Woo-Vtiger for CRM Syncing

The plugin is specially designed for eCommerce stores that use WooCommerce and Vtiger solutions for online business. As mentioned above, it saves you several hours by syncing WooCommerce with Vtiger. This means the information between these platforms will automatically be synced without the need for manual data entry. 

One of the most hectic and time-consuming tasks for eCommerce store owners is to enter sales data and other information on Vtiger. Not only does it take time, but manual work increases the risk of errors. It is a two-way syncing, which means the data you update on your WordPress website will be transferred to Vtiger and vice versa. Let’s have a look at the features of this eCommerce plugin:

  • The module is 100% secure. It forms a strong and safe connection between WooCommerce and Vtiger. 
  • It allows users to use the syncing functionality as many times as they want. Basically, you don’t have to enter anything manually; neither do you need to turn on the syncing feature every time you want to update information on CRM. It is a fully automatic process. Once you update information on one platform, it will automatically be updated on the other one.
  • The module is easy to access and use. All you have to do is purchase the solution and integrate it into your WordPress website. If you are still having trouble setting it up, feel free to contact the support department. They will help you integrate the module and activate it.

How Does the Woo-Vtiger Plugin Help Streamline Your Online Business?

By automating the syncing process, this plugin saves plenty of time. It also reduces the risk of manual errors, which is possible when you manually enter data from one software to another. The plugin facilitates two-way syncing between these platforms. The products you remove from Vtiger will automatically move to the WooCommerce Trash section. 

You don’t need to update Vtiger or WooCommerce if you have discontinued the sale of a particular product. The plugin does it for you. The order status, customers, products, and data will be synced between these eCommerce platforms. If you make any update in the sales order or customer details, the same will automatically be updated on the other platform.

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