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How to handle Shipping and logistics for better Online Shopping?

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Though e-commerce is simply defined as an online shopping space for stores, there is much more which goes into it. From setting up the online store, development of website till the final check out process, there are indeed loads of operations which keep running, few on screen and others in the background. One major segment of process which needs to be focused and is the cardinal aspect in e-commerce websites is the shipping and logistics sector. Have you ever given it a thought of how you get your goods delivered to your address on time, every time? Simply a click, isn’t it? Well, there is in fact a lot of manpower and co-ordination which goes into this “single” click of the customer for the primary reason of providing customer satisfaction every time an order is placed.

Here are few startling statistics you ought to know:

  • Survey has proved that nearly 28% of online shoppers prefer to quit their online shopping halfway when they find the shipping costs to be too high.
  • Nearly 47% of online shopping orders are coupled with free shipping
  • Free shipping in fact attracts 30% more shoppers

Going deeper into shipping and logistics:

Shipping and logistics in the e-commerce sector involves a huge, collaborative and coordinative network which can afford absolutely no communications gaps. Notifications and alerts are passed on within this agile network almost instantaneously for customers to enjoy their shopping spree. So let us drill down about what actually happens when an online order is placed.

Basically, there are lots of modules built specifically to cater to the requirements of online retailers. Such modules enable the retailers to calculate and proceed with the shipment process on the basis of specific weight, type of goods ordered, distance of delivery and so on. When there are multiple specifications & vendors involved, every order placed is dealt with in a highly customized manner prioritizing customer happiness and convenience.

Few add-ons which are in-built to ease the complete process of shipping are:

  • Handling multiple vendors & shipping orders based on their address and nature of goods which could save time and manpower
  • Letting the vendors handle their orders through dedicated login credentials
  • Allows the order to be calculated on the basis of weight, nature, cost and quantity of goods
  • Triggers automated notifications and alerts to the customers regarding their purchase details. This confirmation mode helps eliminate chances of fraudulence to a great extent.
  • Accommodates automatic invoice and sales report generation.
  • Geographically split approach and focus for speedy delivery

Proactive approach:Shipping and logistics for e-commerce

Although we as customers look at online shopping as a unified process, it encompasses several procedures which are not a child’s play. From checking for ordered items in-stock, generating invoice, dispatching goods till final delivery, the end-to-end supply chain management needs out-of-the-box planning capabilities and agility. Handling multiple vendors based on their individual requirements is also another side of the coin. False orders and fraudulence is yet another segment of online shopping which has to be dealt with cautiously to reduce wastage of time and effort.

So hope you ponder about all the effort which goes into the background while simply clicking on “place order” and “cancel order” the next time!

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