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Google’s New No Captcha reCaptcha – A Better Anti-bot

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No Captcha reCaptcha – A Better Anti-bot

The No Captcha reCaptcha system prevents automated or SPAM entries to the website with the help of the computer programs such as crawlers, bots, and other spam software. Captcha module uses the Google’s reCaptcha facility to be integrated into the forms in Prestashop  software.

By using this Captcha Module, we can avoid spam form submissions. It is supported in Prestashop forms such as Contact us, Send to Friend and Account registration.Many websites have started integrating Google’s new No Captcha reCaptcha. It has a better anti-bot protection and user experience.

According to Google this new model provides the higher level of protection than the old model. This new model -No Captcha reCaptcha, has a better user experience then the old one. This feature will asks the user to click a single checkbox. It uses image-based verification only if necessary.


  • Captcha Module uses the Google’s reCaptcha feature to avoid SPAM entries in form submissions.
  • Captcha Module supports audio test which is best suited for visually disabled people to pass the Captcha test.
  • Flexible administrative configuration panel.
  • The administrator can configure the list of forms where they need CAPTCHA field.
  • There is no necessity of separate module as reCaptcha itself supports the extending of Send to Friend overridden option.
  • There is an instant option available to preview the reCaptcha at the backend.
  • By using the “Custom” option, the reCaptcha Design can be customized.


  • You can install the module through Module install feature in Administrator end.
  • After login to the website, Go to Admin ->Modules ->Click `Add a module from my computer`
  • Then upload `Module file` from your computer (the zip archive of egrCaptcha.zip) and Click on `Upload this module` option.
  • Now install `egrCaptcha` by searching for `egrCaptcha` in the module listing page (Which will be listed in Admin Modules Front Office Features)
  • Manually you can install reCaptcha by unziping the downloaded module
  • Copy the folder “egrCaptcha” from the path “YOUR_PrestaShop_ROOT/MODULE” and paste to the related path in your PrestaShop folder.
  • Finally go to Admin section, select the egrCaptcha module and install `egrCaptcha`.

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