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Getting a Hold on Trending Prestashop Modules

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Generally, eCommerce websites work in unison with several technological tools and one such significant aspect of any retail website is the payment gateway. Why is the payment gateway attracts maximum attention from visitors and people keep nudging its features? The simple reason being the security of sensitive customer information. The Trending PrestaShop modules is a front-runner in providing state-of-the-art open-source platforms for several eCommerce companies. Thus, offers a vivid range of payment gateway modules that could be plugged into the existing online platform for the customers to use and benefit from.

PrestaShop Modules

Any minute misuse or mishandling of this gateway could cost a lot on the retailers and impact the customers too. Every payment gateway collects bank information from various customers and stands responsible for the calibration of the amount which goes into purchasing the product. So if there is a hack or malpractice which goes into this medium of payment, it means the account information of all the customers is in improper hands which could land up the retailers in serious trouble.

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Let us take a look at how this happens and also what are the options which PrestaShop has for online business owners:

Types of payment modules:

Prestashop lets you choose from a plethora of modules categorized as:

  • Through online cards and wallet
  • Payment with an invoice
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepayment or payment in advance
  • Point of Sales payment
  • Recurring payment on subscription

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Let us drill deeper into these:

Papal Brain-tree official module:

A pre-integrated module that simply plugs into the web store and used. It supports all kinds of credit and debit cards with no specific limitations on the geographical region. Therefore, it fac0ilitates the quick processing of payments with a dedicated Papal account.

Invoice payment module:

In this mode of payment, retailers can provide an invoice to their customers. This document has all the details of the purchase including the status of the order which changes if there are any changes which have been done.

Hi-Pay module:

With this module, you can rest assured that all your payments will be safe. It is coupled with an anti-fraud system that ensures the safety of the payment being processed.

Cash on the delivery module:

This is probably the most trusted mode of payment for customers. Those who do not trust online payments can opt for direct payment after the product has been delivered. This mode of payment is however charged an extra fee.

Rock POS-Point of sale and omnichannel module:

With this PrestaShop add-on, retailers can link up their physical and also online stores. The benefit being they get a unified view of all their transactions in a single place. So this could help business owners to check their stock levels and ensure a blissful customer experience.

Virtual POS:

The retailers have an added advantage when using this module. They could choose if the payment page should be a redirected page or should be done within the shopping page itself. They could initiate notifications to the customers about the purchase. Hence, this module specifically supports multiple stores, multiple languages and multiple terminals. The retailer could have a separate payment gateway for each store along with separate terminals.

Blockonomics Bitcoin payments module:

Block-chain.info supports payments directed to the bitcoin wallets. Hence, with this module in place, retailers can easily accept bitcoins on their website. The whole process does not include any risks or specific approvals.

Thus, Start your exploration of the Trending PrestaShop modules and steer your retail business to success.

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