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All you need to do for a GDPR compliance

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Retailers are abuzz about the newly introduced GDPR compliance or General Data Protection Regulation which was reinforced especially for the European Union countries. However, it was also added that business with these countries from anywhere across the globe will also necessarily have to strictly adhere to this regulation with absolutely no compromises. Considering retailers running their platforms on Prestashop, what is it that they will actually need to change or is this regulation going to impact their business in any way?

For retailers, the GDPR was made mandatory from May 25th 2018 and ecommerce websites which did not comply by GDPR after May 25th will be fined heavily. Probably, all retailers would have made the transition by this time but for those who still have sneaking doubts in the corner of their minds will find this discussion helpful to have a deeper understanding.

The Prestashop GDPR compliance module:

With respect to Prestashop, the GDPR module focuses on making required changes for the retailers highlighting the following factors.

    • Include a consent confirmation checkbox wherever personal information is collected from the customers.
    • Give the right to manage data to customers by allowing them to request for removal of their data, if they want to.
  • Satisfy a subject access request by a customer which should be accomplished by 30 days from the time of request. According to this, customers can ask for all the personal information the website has with respect to them.

The Prestashop GDPR module has introduced few features

The following features facilitate the smooth transition of websites.

    • This module emphasizes a general registration for it to have a better hold on the registered users.
    • With this module, have a simplified process of deleting customer data wherever required. If the store owner accepts the deletion of information, the module will do it by using the “delete” feature in it.
    • Adopt a hassle-free way of exporting data with this module. Interestingly, this is similar to that of deleting data except that data is retrieved on customer request.
  • Prestashop GDPR allows obtaining consent from the customers when getting information in the form of checkboxes. Further, this helps retailers in adhering to GDPR compliance.

The Prestashop GDPR module data security includes protection of sensitive information obtained from customers.

Furthermore, this functionality includes the right to access, export and make changes to data if required. You may also choose to restrict the processing of data on these grounds.

A Checklist to note

Now that you have integrated all the features based on GDPR compliance, read on to know about the final checklist:

    • Document the complete process of management and storage of customer information appropriately.
    • Perform an internal audit to find out what kind of data you own about your customers.
    • Get the consent of your customers to include them in your emailing list. Importantly, ensure they are aware of this.
    • Communicate to your customers about updates and changes in the data processes happening in your website.
  • Double-check if your website strictly follows the regulations with regards to handling customer information like storing, securing and sharing sensitive information.

Time you gear up and revamp your website policies to deliver a secured customer service!

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