Facts about Store locators

Facts About Store Locators That Will Blow Your Mind

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How can you expect your target audience to purchase from your store when they have no clue what products you sell? Do you know 88% of customers look for a nearby store online or look for the eCommerce mobile app before visiting a store? Store locator helps people locate your store online before they pay an actual visit to your land-based retail shop. Many brands hire professional mobile app builders for higher conversions. They also embed store locators into their websites for brand growth.

Not only does it make your business visible in the search engines, but store locators are specifically used to offer the basic store details to your customers. In simple terms, you can fill your customers in on the store opening and closing timings, the products available in your shop, special offers, contact number, store address, promo deals, and in-store events.

Customers look for store locators on your eCommerce website to collect the essential info about your shop. They offer the relevant info to your users and keep them up-to-date with the current events in your store. In this post, we’ll walk you through a few less-known facts about store locators.

It Makes Your Store Easily Searchable Online

Customers find it easier to search for a store online. In fact, the store searches account for a majority of Google searches. By adding your business details such as contact number, address, opening and closing hours, and your specialty allows people to engage with your brand. Even search engines prioritize high-quality content.

Store locators make your eCommerce websites easily searchable in the search engines. Considering the current competition, it has become important for business owners to consider using store locators for higher brand exposure.

Save Customer’s Time and Money

Using the store locator you can also specify any information like special offers, such as discounts, and other promotional deals the particular store offers. This saves the customer’s time and money. The next time they need to shop from your store, they can collect all the information about your physical store online and schedule a visit accordingly.

A Convenient Option

A store locator makes it a whole lot convenient for your prospects to research your store online and find the information they are looking for. With the demand for online shopping growing at a fast pace, it has become important for store owners to allow convenient shopping experience to their customers.

 Optimize Your Land-based Store

A physical store can cater to the queries and needs of a few customers. But, the store locator can answer multiple queries simultaneously. Users can check your proximity of the store, get answers to their questions, and collect info about the trending offers in your store online. It optimizes your physical store and makes it much better.

 Overall, it connects your brick and mortar store to the digital world and ensures smoother operations.

 It Works When Kept Updated

Store locator proves useful to the companies when they are kept up-to-date. It is important to update the information regularly and supply the right info to your prospects.

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