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Exclusive Sorting Features with PrestaShop Advanced Filter

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PrestaShop Advanced Filter

Prestashop Advanced Filter is a wonderful option present online which enables the buyers to find the products easily according to their desired needs.

As an online store contains several products, giving a Prestashop filter option ease searching for the products according to the specific requirement of the customers.

To offer an interesting shopping experience, the PrestaShop filter is designed by the Module Bazaar to help the customers in evaluating the products based on various criteria.

Module bazaar – PrestaShop Module

The Module bazaar team has given importance to the development of the PrestaShop module due to the ever-increasing demand of customers for hassle-free shopping.

The filter option is highly useful for both shopping and comparison websites to allow customers to find the products easily through searching and browsing.

With the advanced search option, the categories of the products are narrowed down matching the customer’s requirement.

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Use of the PrestaShop module

With the use of the PrestaShop module, the ability to find products has become easier than before.

As the product listing in an eCommerce store contains several products having varied properties, hence filtering options analyze and bring down the products according to the search query made by the customers.

The filtering and sorting feature is a major requirement in the online store where the performance of the store largely depends on how easily customers can find their products and enjoy shopping.

Prestashop Advanced Filter facility

The Prestashop Advanced Filter facility boosts your search result to gain customers’ attention. It finds the exact product which you are in need of in a minimal time period.

When a user applies an advanced filtering method, they will be able to select the various criteria to view the relevant products.

For example – If you want to search a blue shirt of $10, then applying the filter will display only the particular shirt in the result.

When a customer wants to view the products in a specific order, then they can apply the sorting filter.

By bringing the products exactly as the customers want, filter plays an important role.

  • The buyers find it useful to get the product of their choice in a few minutes, thus saving time.
  • In the sorting facility, buyers are required to search an option from the list to get the result in the selected sequence.
  • All the related results will be displayed at a glance.
  • The filter reduces the number of products in the line, which is useful for the people who have little understanding of what species they are looking for.

Installation and configuration

The product Prestashop advanced filter is easy to install and configure at the online store. It gives an easier way to reach out to potential customers.  Influence the purchase of the products which increases sales.

Filters are helping the customers to find the product. Some common filters are color, size, type, price, etc.

It is always important to provide good customer service. Install PrestaShop Advanced Filter which ensures filtering and sorting across all product listings on the shopping website or comparison website.

Use the filter to optimize your website for high performance and maximum sals.


Sorting and Filtering facilities are essential for every website and online store. It helps the customers in buying the products effortlessly.

Poor filtering experience doesn’t meet the customer’s expectation, which in turn down by them.

The filters improved the chances of customer’s ability to finding the products, which gives them satisfaction.

The website that uses the PrestaShop advanced filters stands out among the competition with the overall great user experience.

Research about Advanced Filtering

Research has proved the use of Advanced Filtering and Sorting has increased the ROI of the business.

  • They provide the users with the products they have searched for. It provides the higher-performing designs to meet the user’s expectations.
  • Provide category-specific filters to filter the result according to the available products category in the store.
  • Make sure to keep the most used type at the top which eases customer selection.
  • Allow multiple selections of the filter so a customer gets their products in less time.
  • Now, when you keep the thematic filter then this will help the customer in selecting the right filter easily.
  • Always makes the functionalities easier for the customers.
  • Make everything clear so that they don’t have to struggle with their purchase.
  • Helping the user with great functionalities and a smooth user interface will keep them intact with your online store.

Looking for filtering and sorting facilities, then PrestaShop Advanced Filter from Module Bazaar is the right place to start with.

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