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Enhance Payment Process Using WP WooCommerce Payeezy Firstdata GGe4 Payment Plugin

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Merchants have got a new height in their business with the eCommerce business. Availability of the feasible resources and customers attraction towards convenience shopping has open doors to the world of online business. To bring online to life, a successful payment gateway is always required, which helps the customer to pay for their purchase without hassles. Although merchants remain in the confused state of mind to choose a payment gateway and how it can be integrated with their online store, WP WooCommerce Payeezy Firstdata GGe4 Payment Plugin is a payment solution offered by Module Bazaar accepts payment from customers during checkout thus reduces risk and boost sales.

An easy to install, configure, and secure plug in to validate the customer’s transaction securely ensuring that the payment reaches safely to the merchant. This extension is integrated with the WP WooCommerce and allows the customers to securely perform the transaction on the same website page without leaving the page.  This payment gateway informs the customer about the total amount to be paid or the final settlement to be made by the customers. The merchant account where the funds have to be transferred is linked with this WordPress Payment Module to initiate a payment transaction by either approving or rejecting it.

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  • All major credit cards are accepted on the checkout page.
  • Increase sales by reducing cart abundant rate
  • All payment data is stored in the Firstdata server
  • Payment methods are configurable in the store
  • Facilitated administrator to select ‘Sale’ or ‘Authorize only’ as their transaction method
  • All updated transaction details are available in the Firstdata Control Panel
  • The automatic capture of “Authorize Only” transactions is optional when the order status is changed to “Completed”
  • Customers can edit their saved credit card details from My Account section

Multiple Payment Options

When a customer purchases a product with a merchant store, then at the time of paying money online, the first data payment module help the customers enter their bank or credit card details to perform a transaction. All such payment methods are configurable by the administrator of the merchant store account. The payment done is monitored using the admin panel, which means all transaction details are stored in the same account and can be accessed anytime. Every new transaction is updated with the existing financial details.

Support All Processing Services

The First data payeezy module supports all crucial services required to perform a transaction like authorization of details, authorization and capture details, and refunds and voids. Every transaction cannot be of the same type; hence this payment gateway incorporated various services to support smooth transaction. A merchant can receive their payment over the phone or a web or a customer can opt for recurring payment methods. Further, this process is secured with the verification codes.

Simple Configuration

With an easier configuration, admin can add the WP WooCoomerce Payeezy extension to their Magento store. Adding it will significantly help them in providing with secure and smooth transaction process to the customers that increase the checkout process. You will then be able to perform all configurations with a single Firstdata Control Panel.

Protected Purchase

The Payeezy Payment Plugin protects the buyer’s purchase, so when they make their purchase online, then the finance details are stored securely in the server.  

Improved CheckOut Form

Allow your customers easily check out from your online store with an improved checkout form. The formed is designed in a way to easily captures the credit card information and allow the customers to securely pay using their cards. Customers can also save their credit card information online to use it for future purchase.

WP WooCoomerce Payeezy Firstdata GGe4 Payment Plugin is more than any reason to buy. It is designed by the professional to ensure the transactions are done securely and easily. The checkout form has an intuitive interface so that users can easily fill their personal and finance details. The information is also saved for future usage. It is a fully-featured payment processing system that makes the purchase easier for the customers. With this, merchants can also configure the payment methods according to their wish. All such methods are configurable from a single page.

Customers gain the freedom to purchase according to their preferred mode of payment and Merchants get improved ROI with reduced cart abandoned rate. With the high purchase, your eCommerce store will perform better and generate more sales for your business. It accepts all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and many more. This WordPress Payment Module is the most customizable option which you have received to handle the online transaction to build your business brand.

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