Drupal Payment process

Drupal Payment process through First Data Gateway

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Drupal Payment process

Remember the days before online shopping? People go to conventional shops; make purchases by moving from shop to shop, stand in a long queue to pay the bills, and finally carry all the shopping bags to their home. To provide a simpler and fast shopping experience to the customers, many merchants created their own shopping website on the Internet. These eCommerce websites allow people to buy and sell products and services without wasting time.

The drawback in this is that most of the people are reluctant to purchase products through online shopping method. They believe that providing card details during the payment process in the eCommerce website is not safe. To fix this situation, the experienced and dedicated developers created more than thousands of Drupal Payment Modules. These modules are developed by integrating Drupal with many payment gateways such as First Data, Cyber Source, Authorize.Net, PayPal, eWay, WorldPay, iTransact, Link Point, Google, etc.

These payment gateways act as a link between the website owner and the customer during the checkout process to complete the payment transaction successfully. To increase the growth of the online business, merchants should provide a secure payment gateway in their eCommerce store. A payment gateway helps the merchant to handle online payments efficiently. It keeps the customers credit/debit card details secure. It is the fastest way to accept the payments from the customers in any country around the globe.


Drupal First Data GGe4 Hosted Solution Module

There are more than thousands of payment gateways that provide payment services to the users. It’s important to choose a professional and reliable payment gateway provider for your online business. Most of the business owners and the customers trust that First Data is an excellent payment gateway to process the payment transaction in a successful and efficient manner. Drupal First Data Module is a great module for the merchant who want to provide an effective and secure way of payment transaction to his customers.

First Data Payment Gateway

First Data has more than 40 years of experience in the payment processing industry, which makes it as a leading international payment gateway in the world. Every day, it processes more than thousands of payment transactions in a safe and quick way. Hence, it is the favorite choice for many business owners and customers. It allows customers to pay using their credit cards such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Diners Club, Discover Network, and JCB. It provides payment solutions to the merchants based on their business needs.

Payment Process in Drupal through First Data

The payment module is developed by integrating First Data with the Ubercart core credit card system. At the time of the Drupal payment process, this module collects the credit card details from the customers in the secured hosted web payment form which is designed to accept eCommerce transactions. Then it validates all the information and passes the data to First Data payment gateway in a secured manner to process the payment transactions.

The Drupal Development team developed this module to make the payment process very simple. They developed this module with rich features such as Authorize and capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature, refund amount. With the help of this module you can offer the best and safe shopping experience to your customers. Gain the trust of your customers by using this First Data payment module in your business.

Download: Drupal First Data GGe4 Hosted Solution Module

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