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Dropshipper and Marketplace comes handy! Yes try Prestashop Marketplace & Dropshipper Module

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In any online business process, shipping the products to customers remains to be one of the indispensable aspects to make customers shopping process a hassle free one. But a number of eCommerce store owners feel that product shipping is a very difficult task and are unable to find a long lasting solution to this issue. If you are owning a PrestaShop Dropshipper Module without having an efficient product shipping facility, you are certain to cherish the concept of dropshipping, because it provides a number of advantages to merchants to make the whole shipping process an efficient and smooth function. But, if you think of opting for a dropshipping facility, you need to ensure to make use of dropshippers that are ideally suited to your business niche, because only a professional dropshipper will be able to offer excellent shipping experience to you as an eCommerce store owner as well as your customers.

What is meant by DropShipper?
A dropshipper is service provider help in shipping products to the customers. When accessing the dropshipper services, the owners will be relieved of the hassle of stocking or shipping products to customers. Instead, as and when you getting an order from a customer, it is enough you need to contact the dropshipper and they will in turn ship the product to customer on your behalf. Thus, as a seller, you can sell a wide range of products without ever having the burden of stocking any inventory. This makes the concept of dropshipping a very appealing facility for online businesses.

With the accessibility of the well-organized Prestashop Marketplace extension, clubbed with efficient dropshipper modules, online merchants can have a long lasting solution to their product shipping issues. This extension from Module Bazaar will certainly be an outstanding solution for every marketplace site merchant. This makes the whole process of managing the Drop shipping of goods and Orders from various Vendors an easy task for online marketplace stores.

The Prestashop Dropshipper Module communicates customers order as well as shipping details from merchant directly to the dropshippers who makes shipment to customer. Also, this module streamlines the communication between online merchant and dropshippers and facilitates the merchant to keep track of orders and shipments done by vendors or suppliers. Thus, the online store owners can concentrate on other activities rather than focusing on inventory through integrating the PrestaShop dropshipper module, experiencing greater automation for shipping tasks. In addition, this module helps to mitigate the cost of maintaining inventory and assists in initiating the business with a wide array of products with lesser investments. This is a viable business concept which eliminates the need for space, money and stress by not requiring warehousing the products.

Exclusive Features of Prestashop Dropshipping Module:

  • Manifold Shipping origins per order.
  • Built with most of the 3rd party carriers.
  • Facility to create your own shipping carriers.
  • Allows different vendors for same order.
  • Facility for Vendor / Supplier login.
  • Sends Automatic order notification to suppliers and vendors.
  • Automatic customer shipment notification.
  • Sends Vendor comments to Store owners.
  • Sales report for each vendor, weekly/ monthly
  • Permits different shipping per vendor.
  • Split products in shopping cart by vendor.

Thus, the Prestashop Marketplace offers a unique facility to online merchants to handle multi vendors and control various functions from the easy-to-use admin panel of the extension. Through adding the Prestashop dropshipper module, merchants can avoid the hassle of keeping inventory of stock and save on product storage space and cost.

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