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Display Instagram Photos on your Ecommerce Store to Improve Sale

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Instagram is a favorite among people, and it seems to be drawing the attention of more mobile users every day. But it is not a denying fact that you can bring in better results if you use Instagram for your e-commerce business process. There is no better way to create and nurture relationships with your customers than using the Magento Instagram photos and offer them a sneak peek of your array of a new product. Even though it won’t be possible for your customers to share the Instagram photos on other social media platforms, it will certainly arouse their interest. Besides, it will generate some word of mouth publicity for your products and help to promote your online business.



How does it work?

The Magento Instagram Extension facilitates e-commerce merchants to display the images from their Instagram user profile. The Instagram extension will accept photos from the Instagram profile of users, which the users are required to add to their account. This extension will appear on the right side panel of your Magento store. This positioning will enable to customize the number of images that you require to display at the front end of the store.

Why you should use Magento Instagram for your e-commerce site?

  • Effective Contact with Clients

Instagram allows you to converse with your clients in a threaded discussion. Also, it makes it easier to hold a question and answer session, which can elicit data that your market surveys are unable to catch. A direct interaction between the business and customers is always an ideal option to strengthen the bond between the two.

  • Integrate the Photos

Through integrating Magento Instagram photos onto your site, not only you are leading your customers to engage with your brand on social networking channels, but also it enables you to provide the extra information on your products.

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  • Acknowledge Customer Use

A way of successfully engaging with your customers would be showcasing your customers that use your products. You can post an image and tag as a way of acknowledgment and thanking your customer for purchasing your product.

  • Displaying Lifestyle Photos

Displaying lifestyle photos, featuring real-life settings is an innovative way of showing off your products. This method is something that is used by a majority of leading brands as a method to show how customers can use your product.

  • Behind the Scenes

Remember that the photos posted using the Mado not always require to feature the finished product, but showing your customers what goes on behind the scenes, enable them to have a sense of attracting them to your brand and would allow customers to view what your company is all about.

  • Promotions

Instagram photos are a brilliant database to promote your new products that are featured on your website and will enhance the visibility of your brand and new products that may be appealing to customers.


Thus, Magento Instagram makes a significant stride toward E-commerce advertising and is a creative way to showcase your products by using lifestyle photos. This new technique employed by many leading brands because it offers customers an idea of how they can utilize the products. It is more of an interactive mechanism with your customers and helps to acknowledge customers for using your products.

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