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Checkout with First data GGe4 extension on your Magento Store

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First Data Payment Gateway integrates with the Magento core credit card system via a default path to First Data Global Gateway (GGe4). It allows merchants to accept a wide range of payments and manage transactions via flexible setup options. The module called Magento First Data GGe4 Extension collects credit card information for processing within a Magento store without redirection to First Data website. In other words, it acts an alternative payment method from the extension backend.

This First Data Extension for Magento does not store credit card information, to avoid PCI Compliance issues.

Features of the Magento First Data GGe4 extension are:

  • Accepts credit card payments and processes them via First Data gateway

  • Supports all major credit cards such as JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express etc.

  • Allows vendors to Authorize Only or Authorize and Capture the payment

  • Allows merchants to capture the payment from module backend

  • Does not store credit card data for compliance issues

  • Allows vendors to capture authorized payments from the module backend

  • Supports Authorize Only, Authorize and Capture, Void, Cancel, and Refund

  • Facilitates vendors to access an expanding payment toolkit options and fraud preventions tools

  • Offers secure payment services without the need for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates

  • Compatible with Magento versions 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9x

Besides turning the payment process safe, easy, and fast, Magento GGe4 extension offers amazing support throughout the processes of installation and checkout resulting in less shopping cart abandonments and increased sales.

What do Merchants gain from using GGe4 extension?

  • Access to upgrades and updates on a regular basis

  • Excellent client support via phone and email

  • A highly certified Magento extension developed in close co-operation with First Data

  • Increased security via advanced error handling

  • Seamless integration with all leading payment gateways

  • Easy management of transaction via the store

  • Extensively tested module before being released

The key options of GGe4 extension that customers get to see and use on route to checkout are:

  • Enable/disable

  • Title

  • Transaction Mode

  • Payment Login Page

  • Transaction Key

  • Return URL

  • Currency Code

  • Transaction Type

  • New Status Order

First Data payment gateway is a secured hosted Web payment method designed to accept ecommerce transactions. The module collects credit card information, validates, and passes the details to Firstdata in a safe way. This powerful First Data extension for Magento offers vendors scalability, top-notch security, lightning fast processing speeds, and a host of solutions to fit their business.

Magento ecommerce platform has released numerous extensions that support number of payment solutions and the GGe4 module is just another feather in its already colorful cap.

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