Avoid spams with PrestaShop reCaptcha Module

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PrestaShop reCaptcha Module

reCaptcha – Threats and spamming have invaded even the cyber world. We have come across many emails spamming our mailbox. Many of us might have clicked spamming links unknowingly. These spam links have been developed with the motive of stealing confidential data from one’s email. We might have also seen several spamming links on social media that are vulnerable to hacking our accounts, theft of our personal information, photographs and so on.

Earlier web bots were introduced to do automated tasks. Later, these bots have been used to perform malicious activities as described above. To avoid such spamming, PrestaShop reCaptcha Modules have been scripted and set to take its inevitable place in the cyber security domain.

We have browsed many websites, created Mail Accounts, created User Accounts for Websites, made Online Transactions and many other Security related activities over a long period of time. So what have we seen as a common thing in all those scenarios? The CAPTCHA Image identification to prove ourselves to be Non-Robotic! Here non-robotic refers to the web bot which is also called as a bot.

The security settings require this identification to differentiate human and bots. The other motto behind this is to protect from such bots not to spam the website and contaminate the page with malicious links and threads.

Considering the above, PrestaShop reCaptcha modules have been scripted. But before knowing about the reCaptcha, let us know what is a Captcha? CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. It is a distorted form of text or image that we have to decode in our minds and populate what it is in the text box provided on the web page. This Captcha Image separates Humans and Computers accessing the website apart using the distortion test on its texts.

reCAPTCHA is a Captcha module by Google that uses Text, Numbers and even Checkboxes to differentiate Humans and Bots. This is the widely used Captcha module across technologies, protecting multiple website links from Bots and Spam.

reCAPTCHA uses the State-Of-The-Art Technology to protect Websites from any Bots, Spam and Abuse Fighting Trends, making it the forerunner in Website Security. reCAPTCHA deploys advanced risk analysis techniques, considering the user’s entire engagement with the Captcha, thus creating a wide range of cues, drawing a big line between the Humans and Bots, in turn protecting the Websites from all kinds of Risks.

Therefore the Captcha Security is the new face in the world on Online Security.

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