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Authorize.net Payment Integration in eCommerce Webstore

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Due to the migration of few brick shops into an online store, hundreds and hundreds of new shopping websites started existing in our eCommerce business world. One of the major requirements of an online store, is the Authorize.net Payment gateway. Without the existence of online payment gateways, there would have never been a way for the customers to buy products online. In online shopping, customers place an order, and pays for the purchased product using credit cards. For processing such credit card transactions, you need payment gateways.

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The Authorize.net Payment gateway checks, validates and processes the customer credit card transactions and send across all the processed transactions to the merchant account. Webstore owners should possess his own merchant account to receive such customer transactions. You would have come across a huge number of online payment gateways currently implemented in many eCommerce Webstore. when compared to other payment gateways in our current business market. Over 350,000 merchants have used this gateway for processing of payment transactions. One of the largest payment service provider functioning in numerous shopping carts worldwide. Merchants would prefer to start up an online store by implementing a payment gateway with advanced functionalities. If you use advanced technology to your webstore, you can automatically increase your level of profit and make more sales within a short period of time.

Secured Payment Gateways

In this new trend of shopping, customers are willing to shop on sites with secured payment gateways. Before you purchase any product from a shopping site , check twice if the payment gateway is quite a familiar one. If the payment gateway is a new one, surf on the internet to find more features related to the payment gateway. When integrating Payment Gateways to your webstore, you need to check the following scenarios as discussed below:

  1. Check if the payment gateway can offer secured and seamless checkout to your customer.
  2. Check if the gateway is 100% PCI compliant.
  3.  Check if the gateway supports the type of currency in which your business deals with.

You can find huge companies affording the best eCommerce Development Services in installing such secured payment gateways in your shopping carts. If your shopping cart is safe and secured, you will automatically have a sudden increase in your conversion rate.

Features of Authorize.net Payment

  1. One of the excellent payment gateways in detecting the fraudulent customers and prevents such customers to shop on your site in future.
  2. Uses an electronic cheque processing feature that can process cheques, if you are handling payment using such forms.
  3. Well suitable for store owners who run small scale business. Mainly due to this feature, one of the payment gateway which is widely used by huge merchants.

Download: PrestaShop Authorize.net Module

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