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Payeezy Payment Gateway Modules For E-Commerce Platform

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Shoppers have doubt whenever they need to buy anything from online shops. A Smooth checkout process in less time is always expected by the customers. The performance of the checkout process matter a great deal to conversation rates with the website and help in building customers trust with the merchant. Thus, taking care of how to handle online transactions is highly recommended. A right Payeezy payment gateway not just secure account details, but also eases the several hassle involved.

Thus, payment gateways are not just important to the customers, but to the merchants as well. There are several choices available to opt for payment gateways, but it takes a discerning eye to know the best option out there. Lets look at few Payeezy Extension that are most familiar to consumers as well as become favorites to merchants.

1.OpenCart Modules

If you want to offer your customers simplicity, security and choice when paying for things in-store or in-app, you must integrate Opencart Payeezy Modules to your merchant site. It understands the needs of the merchants as well as the customers. It is very simple as customers just need to enter card details like card number, expiration and CVV to process the payment. It also supports the 3D-secure that gives ultimate security of e-transactions.

2. WordPress Plugins

Payeezy payment gateway made easier for WordPress users. Now merchants can make available something custom to their clients for e-store transaction exchange. Upgrade your website in a simple way with payeezy wordpress plugins and accept payments from buyers via all credit cards. You are also allowed to choose the preferred action at a time since this extension supports Authorize only and Authorize and Capture.

3. PrestaShop Modules

PrestaShop Modules is feature heavy, but a cost effective addition to eCommerce stores. Prestashop payeezy extension can be designed, developed, customized and optimized according to site’s needs. It’s not just easy to integrate, but its interesting features like Product Review & Google Snippet enables buyers, registered users or visitors of the websites to give ratings and reviews of the products. Merchants can approve the reviews and decide whether to publish it.

4) Magento® Extensions

Choose the most apt Magento payeezy extension for your e-business that has enough features and efficiency to satisfy you and your customer simultaneously. Available in a wide range of modules to cater to a variety of requirements like Marketing needs, Payment gateway integration, Social media marketing and many more. These extensions will enable user to select their preferred delivery location from where they can pick-up their goods, edit or delete ad banners from different pages, and much more features that will enhance your store and increase the site traffic at reasonable costs.

5) First Data Payment Modules

When you plan something big, you need something big too to nurture your plans. When you are planning to deal with global market, you need global payment services. Payeezy First Data Payment Gateway is where the best choice as it is a global payment service provider and offers merchant and bank transactions, credit, retail and debit card processing. You can go with Payeezy First Data GGE4 Payment gateway that provides secure and fast payment transactions.

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