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Acknowledge Your Customer’s Shopping Action With Magento SMS Extension

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Have you ever thought what important role communication performed with your customers? For many years, SMS notification has been the backbone of the eCommerce support system. The reason why it has become an exclusive feature in the industry is that it provides hassle free and flawless customer service wherein customer gets updates of the order they have placed. Unlike other communication channels, the SMS notification saves cost. The Magento SMS extensions by Module Bazaar is one of the kinds that enable the merchant to offer an excellent shopping experience to their potential customers.

When a customer orders a product from a merchant store, Magento SMS Extension connect the customers with SMS-based updates of the order. Anytime a customer places an order, they eagerly wait for the news about their order and SMS is better than any other way to give them instant updates. This extension offers SMS services, where the customers get the updates of their Order like Order Placement, Invoice, Shipment, and Cancellation.

Unlike many Magento extensions available in the marketplace, Magento SMS Country extension proves to be a highly beneficial for the business. The SMS country extension is developed with valuable features which have made order placement easier for the customers. To establish a personal connection with customers, this extension allows easy integration in the Magento store and compatible with all version of Magento until 1.9. The SMS to be sent to the customers are easily configurable.

The growth of the mCommerce has increased more consumers’ transaction using their smartphone. So, bringing a mobile-friendly communication system is essential to provide a personalized experience to the buyers. Using the real-time updates with the extension about the order provides with a superior customers experience, which further reduces the cost of inquiries. Every customer receives the SMS timely as configured in the Magento store.

Magento SMS Country extension attributes towards establishing the personal connection with the customers and helping customers to proceed with their order checkout. This has substantially reduced the cart abandoned rate. Every eCommerce store is getting this SMS based service that ended up with the increased conversion rate than before.

There are various contributing factors how this Magento SMS Extension will help the business:

Customer Experience

Customer acquisition has become more of the type of customer service they received. When the customer receives information conveniently and easily, they will more likely to purchase again.

Competitive Benefits

Customers take no second thought before moving to the competitor if getting discrepancies in service. The SMS-based service reaches out to the customers directly and presents the information they needed.

Instant Connection

Consumers are always ready to pay for more to get a good service. They wait eagerly for their order, henceforth, providing with an update on SMS keeps them informed where their product has reached; when it will come and who’s going to deliver it. Every crucial detail is provided to them via. SMS.

No Internet Dependency

With an SMS based service, there is no dependency on the internet connection. Smartphone users don’t require checking their internet speed or data usage.

Future Marketing Opportunities

Once the customer gets a personalized experience, then it increases the chances of gaining their interest too often buy the products. Whenever you send a promotional message or a loyalty coupon, they will be more responsive that will add value.

Magento SMS Country Extension is a powerful and versatile tool to brand your eCommerce business. With 60% population having smartphones worldwide, reaching your customers personally has become easier with this extension. It provides configuration services for the merchants to send the SMS as they wanted to the customers. The SMS notification has become an important part of every business.

If you want to stay connected with your customers and stay ahead in the competition, then this Magento extension is your choice. Integrating it with your eCommerce store helps to satisfy the customer’s requirements and update them at every stage of the order. It’s is a timely and automated SMS system to ease the order placement.

The Magento SMS Extension installs onto your store in few clicks. This will allow managing the SMS notifications for the order and delivery. The interface is easy to use. Customers are also allowed to opt-out of any messages. It’s the best escape of sending automated emails. Configure messages with the right name placeholder to ensure every customer gets the right message. People have also started it as a tool for marketing.

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