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7 Ways to Maintain Your SEO Ranking

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Businesses that have gotten their website to the first page of search results know how much work and effort it takes to reach the top of the most competitive platform. Naturally, once you’ve reached this point, you’ll want to maintain your SEO ranking. While you can do everything possible to maintain your SEO, you cannot control your competitors’ strategies. In this post, we have discussed a few steps for maintaining your SEO ranking. You could consider the following:

  • Improve Your Content

It is self-evident. The quality of your content is most important to the search engine and your audience. Keyword stuffing will not help. It is critical to keep your content up to date and to include informative data that educates your audience and encourages them to read additional pages. Increase the amount of visual content on your website. Video, images, and infographics significantly boost your SEO ranking. You should also update your old blog posts on a regular basis and fill these pages with new information so that your audience can relate to your content.

  • Build Links Regularly

Backlinks drive significant organic traffic to your website. A strong backlink strategy can help you increase brand exposure by reaching a larger audience. Begin by performing a competitive analysis. Investigate your competitors’ backlink strategy and identify which websites have linked back to their websites. You don’t need a lot of backlinks. A few of them are sufficient, as long as they are from high-authority websites with a large number of visitors. Always contact websites that specialize in your field.

  • Use Keywords Properly

Keywords are, of course, important for website ranking. You may have already incorporated keywords into your content, but have you placed these keywords in the appropriate places? Keyword placement is just as important as the keyword itself.

Make sure your keywords appear in the title tag, meta description, and a couple of times in the content. The keyword should ideally appear in the first 100 words, at the end, in the middle of the content, and in the first subheading. The Google Suggest option can help you find the best keywords for your content. It displays a list of long-tail keywords that you can use in your text content. Enter the seed keywords, and Google Suggest will display the entire list of keywords.

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  • Improve Your Technical SEO

Nothing kills your SEO ranking more quickly than a slow-loading page. On average, a reader spends 3 seconds on your website. They only wait a few seconds for your web pages to load. They will move on to another website if it does not load faster. Low bandwidth in your current hosting plan and high traffic are two common reasons why your website loads slowly. If your hosting provider is unable to manage the traffic, your website will load slowly, resulting in a poor customer experience and the downfall of your website.

  • Use Search Console Wisely

Search Console provides detailed insights into various metrics. This includes pages that show you information about the most popular pages, the most popular source of traffic, the device our audience uses when searching for your page, and which keywords are performing the best.

If you want to keep your website ranking, you should check Google Search Console on a regular basis and update your content based on the most recent metrics. You’ll be surprised to see which keywords your website is ranking for that you weren’t even aware of. Check Search Console every few days and keep your website content up to date.

  • Include Answers to “what is X” 

This is the most important, yet frequently overlooked, aspect of search engine optimization. When someone searches for a query on Google, they will almost certainly look up the definition. Assume you’re trying to rank your footwear website. You have introduced a new type of diabetic shoe. Before they buy these shoes, your target audience will want to know what they are and how they differ from other types of footwear. As a result, always include a section that answers your users’ questions.

  • Try to Rank in the Featured Snippets

The featured snippets appear on the first page of search results. They provide a concise and relevant response to the search query. Your content should be informative and engaging, as well as answer the most frequently asked questions. This will help your website appear in featured snippets. Adding a Q&A section to your website is one way to get a spot in the featured snippet. It provides answers to some frequently asked questions, increasing your chances of ranking high on Google.

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