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5 Must Have Magento Extensions For Better Marketing

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To make an online business successful, it takes a lot of dedication and efforts. Also, many factors rely on behind these successful companies, and one among these factors is marketing. Yes, a perfect marketing plays the most vital role in making any business well established. And when your online business website based on Magento platform then you must be aware of these marketing extensions.

So, here I am going to share the list of all Magento marketing extension which will help you to better market your business:-

1. Magento Facebook Complete Pack

The first in the row of the list of Magneto extension is Magento Facebook Complete Pack. With the help of this extension, users can directly sign-up to your website thereby using their Facebook account. And you will get your products advertised among millions of users without paying anything additional.

The benefits you will get with Magento Facebook Complete Pack includes:-

• It will allow millions of users to access your site, it will not only make your store popular and recognized, but it will also help to increase traffic as well.
• Users can send, like the details of products present in your store by using the sending widget and it will get appeared on the profile of user’s friend’s profile & wall respectively.
• There will be a status update on every purchase user make on his/her profile.
• Admin will be able to enable or disable headers of recommendation, Find us on the Facebook header, user’s profile picture and a many more options.

2. Magento Twitter Login Extension

The second in the row of Magento Extension is Twitter Login Extension. It will help users to register on your website with Twitter login. It will remove the hassle of filling the registration form and will also contribute to increasing the reach of your business.

Benefits of Twitter Login extension,

• Hassle free login with Twitter to reduce the time of registration using registration forms.
• No need of remembering passwords.
• Outstanding user experience based on user Twitter profile.
• User-friendly interface and easy to install.
• Helpful in reducing drop-off or bouncing back rate of users.
• The best way to stay in touch with the audience as social login is the best way to encourage the audience to register on your online store.

3. Magento Instagram Module

Magento Instagram extension is one of its kinds, and it helps merchants or seller to showcase the profile of his Instagram profile on the store. Also, the extension will fetch the images from the profile of the user which he/she has shared on their profile. Here the merchant can select the images he/she want to showcase on his store front.

Benefits you will get by using this Magento Extension includes:-

• Your Instagram images will be showcased on your store which will increase your brand awareness among the Instagram audience as well.
• With this extension, you will be able to display selected number of images on your store which will help you to place extremely crucial photos on the storefront.
• With this extension, it will also be easy to redirect particular image in Instagram.
• The option of enabling and disabling widget.
• And most importantly user-friendly interface which will help users to stick to your store.

4. 5 in 1 Social Login Magento Extension

Magento 5 in 1 social login extension is one of its kinds and is best to use one in your store. It is because it registers users depending on the social profile they have, so they can log in with anyone they have. And in this way, it will help to double your store audience.

Benefits of Magento 5 in 1 social plugin

• Hassle free login with different social profile contributes to reducing the time of registration (which uses traditional registration forms).
• No requirement of recalling passwords.
• Exceptional user experience based on user’s social profile used for login.
• User-friendly interface and it is easy to install.
• Useful in dropping drop-off or bouncing back rate of users.
• The best way to get the audience on your store as social login is the most excellent way to compel the audience to register on your online store.

5. Elite M-Commerce

Mobile marketing is trending, and it has almost taken over desktop marketing. Thus, it is must have your store on Mobile as well to grab the opportunities with the help of one of the best Magento mobile apps. And Elite M-Commerce extension does the same for your Magento eCommerce store. It just transforms your e-commerce store into a mobile application.

Here the Key benefits of taking Elite M-Commerce extension into consideration:-

• It is supportive for both iOS and Android.
• This mobile app provides push notifications to users, has Google Analytics integrated, also has convenient synchronization feature, multiple payment options, reward point system, QR Code scanner and store locator.
• Along with that it also provides support for large inventories.

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