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  • Restaurants

    As Restaurant Labor Shortages Rise, Mobile Ordering Can Help

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    Restaurants are focused on getting back to normal in 2021, but they are still facing challenges such as employee shortages and adjustments to new trends....

  • enhance grocery delivery

    New Container Technology Could Enhance Grocery Delivery

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    Grocery delivery is on the rise, and companies are investing heavily in new technology to make it more convenient and accessible to shoppers. The pandemic...

  • Resturant Association

    Restaurants Association Call for Principles for Third-Party Delivery

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    Restaurants are becoming increasingly dependent on third-party delivery in order to reach their customers, but various issues plague delivery. Restaurant operators aren’t happy with the...

  • eCommerce Platform

    Promote Account Creation for your eCommerce Platform

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    There are many benefits for businesses that use their own eCommerce platform, but getting customers to adopt a new platform is a huge challenge. Customers are...