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  • Python

    Google to Give Away 4000 Security Keys for Crucial Projects Developed on Python

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    PyPI has begun adopting a two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement for essential projects to strengthen the security of the Python ecosystem. This regulation will take effect in...

  • python programming

    Top Reasons Why Young Programmers like to Kick-Start their Career in python?

    Post Views: 1,091

    Every software project must make many choices and compromises. The selection of which programming language to employ is one of the initial decisions. This choice...

  • grocery delivery app

    Best Monetization methods for grocery delivery app

    Post Views: 1,061

    The viability of your mobile app depends on its revenue strategies. Irrespective of whether you created premium software or a free app that can be...

  • email marketing

    A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

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    One of the classic marketing techniques is Email Marketing. Email is still regarded as a trustworthy way of promoting all shapes and sizes of organizations,...