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Stripe Payment Gateway for SAP

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Quick & Easy Payment Integration

Quick Overview

Stripe Payment extension is provided as an SAP Hybris Commerce extension that offers flexible ways to accept Credit/ Debit cards during the checkout process and offers flexible recurring payment options.
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Product Description



Secure card details:

Return customers don’t have to repeat the checkout process; Stripe offers a feature that lets them secure the details of their credit card.

Easy Checkout:

This extension allows you to get instant payment acceptance and your customers can easily checkout with just a click of a button.

Uncaptured payments:

Uncaptured payments expire exactly seven days after they are created. If they are not captured by that point in time, they will be marked as refunded and will no longer be capturable.

Merchant account:

Using Stripe, web developers can integrate payment processing into their websites without having to register and we would require to maintain a merchant account for stripe.Stripe has a seven-day waiting period for initial transactions, during which time it profiles the businesses involved to protect against potential fraud.


Tokenization is the process Stripe uses to collect sensitive card or bank account details, or personally identifiable information (PII), directly from customers in a secure manner.Tokens can be created using the API and publishable API key. Tokens cannot be stored or used more than once.Creates a single use token that wraps the details of a credit card. This token can be used in place of a credit card Map with any API method. These tokens can only be used once: by creating a new charge object

Merchant Control:

Providing an easy way for Merchants to Control and customize order forms so as to improve customer's experience.



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   Stripe Payment extension installation process is based on Hybris OOB approach. The approach is based on copying files in appropriate locations by adding minimal required configuration properties through local. Properties file.


Step by Step installation - manual approach


1. Obtain SAP Hybris Commerce Suite 6.2 release package and unzip it into appropriate



$unzip HYBRISCOMM6200P_3-80002118.ZIP -d HYBRISCOMM6200P_3-80002118




2. Install B2C components with accelerator store front, that includes electronics store as sample data.



$cd HYBRISCOMM6200P_3-80002118.ZIP/installer


$./ -r b2c_acc



3. Generate a separate B2C storefront extension from yacceleratorstorefront template, using

hybris OOB modulegen tool



$cd hybris/bin/platform


$. ./




$ant modulegen -Dinput.module=accelerator

-Dinput.package=com.egrove -Dinput.template=develop


 4. In order to use egrove extensions, they need to be added and configured into

localextensions.xml file. This file contains all extensions, which are used by hybris on startup.

add following extensions at the end of localextensions.xml file


<extension name="egrovefulfilmentprocess"/>

<extension name="egrovecockpits"/>

<extension name="egrovecore"/>

<extension name="egrovefacades"/>

<extension name="egrovetest"/>

<extension name="egrovestorefront"/>

<extension name="egroveinitialdata"/>



remove existing declared extensions from localextensions.xml file


    <extension name='yacceleratorcockpits' />

    <extension name='yacceleratorinitialdata' />

    <extension name='yacceleratorfulfilmentprocess' />

    <extension name='yacceleratorstorefront' />

    <extension name='ycommercewebservices' />



 5. Stripe Payment extensions are built using Java 1.8, containing latest java features and fixes. Also in order to customize Stripe credentials, related to commands reporting, merchant specific properties should be added into file


$vim ../../config/



add following properties at the end of property file


To Set Stripe Authentication Details



6. OOB hybris configured electronics storefront to respond to DNS names, which should be added

into hosts file, this is more reliable than using IP addresses


open hosts file for editing and add the following line electronics.local



7. Compile


$ant clean all



8. After all configuration steps are done, hybris is ready to be started and initialized. Server is started through following command.





Initialization is done through HAC. HAC --> platform --> initialization --> initialize

In order to check that hybris starts, home page should be accessed, as a result home screen should

be displayed






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