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Store Locator

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To find nearby locations of your brick and mortar stores

Quick Overview

  • Store information: It is listed for each and every location

  • Google Maps: integrated for interactive location display

  • Store search: implemented through both address and radius search

  • Custom image:  added as store photo or map marker

  • Integration tests to check if extension functions properly within your environment 

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Product Description


  • A fairly straightforward extension, yet a must-have for anyone with brick and mortar locations.
  • To set up the extension an administrator will fill out basic details about each store and point to a place on a Google map where it is located.
  • In customers side, they will see a full list of locations and have an option to search for a store within a certain radius of current location or by a specific address.
Help Document Available in : Knowledge Base

Support & Services:

Community edition :

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: included

Enterprise edition :

Support Period: 360 Days

Installation: included


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Demo Links

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Front -end Demos:

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Back -end Demos:

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Add new location:

Configure the extension:

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